Made with original found objects from nature or from my collection of vintage and antique flotsam and jetsam.


A mash up of collage and assemblage techniques using old papers and found objects.



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Julien in the Lab

Le directeur du laboratoire, M. Julien G. Éprouvette, disapru à Paris le 31 mai 1901. Un mystère jamais résolu.

Did he go back to the future to prevent the discovery of plastic?

Did he go back in time to find a power source that did not involve fossil fuels?

Did he go underground, hoping to find a way to prevent the Spanish Flu?

Perhaps we will never know.

NB Shhh! This is a cadeau for my son Julien about to start the last year of his Chemistry Degree. C’est un secret.

Julien Eprouvette au Laboratoire
Le laboratoire

The collection
Julien Eprouvette

The ephemera: Vintage Periodic Table; vintage receipt from a Paris Chemical Laboratory, various old papers.

The found objects: Vintage Test tubes, typewriter parts from a 1920s Royal Typewriter; tiny vintage glass bottles, vintage light bulbs (that work!), vintage switch (that works too!) , ceramic insulator tubes, small antique school ink bottle, vintage vacuum tube, wire, vintage gage,vintage tart tin, vintage typewriter bell, vintage thermometer .

Credits: Merci à mon mari Michel who helped me with the wiring so that the vintage light bulb switches on using the vintage switch and a very modern battery hidden, from view.

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