Collage/Altered Art

This website is a portfolio of my work in collage and altered art. 
( I usually post once a week on Sundays...but no promises. )
All art work is created by me (Unless otherwise indicated)
and I hold the copyrights
Use of my artwork, without my permission, is prohibited. 

I see beauty in everyday objects from the past and like to re-purpose them in  artful ways in my pieces. A trio of old door knobs, well worn from all that opening and shutting, the patina is perfect.An ordinary document, for the sale of a parcel of land, so beautifully written, on parchment paper.

manuscript notariรฉ dated in 1800s found at les puces de Vanves, Paris

45 thoughts on “Collage/Altered Art

  1. And now we will wait and see what new treasure these old treasures become! You have such a satisfying sense of design – it is a pleasure just to see your posts!

  2. So true, I loved your door knob collection and the thought of how many hands it took to give them that worn patina in days gone by (I actually also have that Map of Paris paper and love it). I have bowls (I call them collections) of fun stuff thru out the house. Old paper, whether telling a personal story or someone else’s, is always a temptation for me too.

  3. Yes I have various containers full of vintage stuff strewn hither and thither around the house as well. Those are only a few of my door knobs, other things I can not resist include keys, escutcheons and most of all old house numbers. Swoon.

    • Hello, Thank you, kind of you to say so. I usually post once a week but am in the middle of setting up a studio so will not be posting new work for awhile but there are lots of old posts to visit until then. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am drawn right in. I love your artwork and I’m excited to begin following you. On my blog I run a segment called “Sunday Share” and I’d love to share this blog next week. I will give you credit and a link back and only if I have your permission. Let me know and thank you for sharing your art!

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  6. I have done scrapbooking in the past and I have a question about your compositions. Do you create the three-dimensional ones and then photograph them? If so, do you then dismantle the grouping? Like the doorknobs on the map? I’m trying to imagine how you could easily display such pieces otherwise.

    • Hello Thaks for dropping by. My assemblage boxes are permanent and afixed. The photos of my raw materials, like the door knobs on the maps, are called flatlays. They are simply an arrangement of ephemera and found objects that are photographed and then disassembled to become artwork at a moment that is right. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‹

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