Collage Work for Sale

These pieces are available for purchase on Vancouver Island, at my home studio or at various shows locally. I am not currently selling online.

Birds on Bikes series…. 7 inches by 7 inches. Available at the Gallery at Matticks Farm in Victoria, BC.

Original Art Tags 3.5 ” by 7″ 15 CAD each on Matte board, original antique background papers

4 inches by 6 inches Mailart on Matte Board. All the mail ephemera are originals. 20 CAD each

4 inches by 6 inches Original  Space Themed Art on Matte Board. Great for framing. 20 CAD each

5 inch by 5 inch collages 40 dollars each

6 inch by 6 inch collages 45 dollars each

6 inch square mechanical butterflies  75 dollars each

7 inch square collages75 dollars each

7 inch square collage/assemblage mechanical series  100 CAD

Mechanical Vulture

Covid Corvids 75 dollars each

7inches by 7 inches Whales 75 CAD

Altered Book covers 100 CAD

8 inch square collages 85 CAD

5 inch by 10 inch collages 75 CAD

9 inches by 12 inches mechanical Raven. 250 CAD

raven calling

What’s your number 20 inches square collage with found objects 500 CAD

Pont Alexandre III 16 inch square encaustic collage 300 CAD

Pont Alexandre III

Petit Bateau 6 inches by 5 inches 80 CAD

Land Ho 5 by 6 inches 80 CAD

Starry Starry Night Sail 120 CAD

The Winds of Change 1500 CAD 20 inches by 30 inches  Encaustic Wax and Cold Wax

The winds of change

Flotilla 1500 CAD  22 inches by 30 inches  Encaustic and Cold wax


Global Warming 17500 CAD 24 inches by 30 inches Encaustic Mixed Media Collage on Wooden Cradle

Global Warming

Moonlight Storm $1200CAD 18 by 30 inches

Moonlight Storm

Jail Birds Collection  700 CAD 20 inches square blocks move in frame

Jail birds A collection