Collage/Altered Art


This website is a portfolio of my work in collage and altered art. 
( I usually post once a week on Sundays...but no promises. )

Prints of some of my pieces are available for purchase at Fine Art of America

I see beauty in everyday objects from the past and like to re-purpose them in  artful ways in my pieces. A trio of old door knobs, well worn from all that opening and shutting, the patina is perfect.An ordinary document, for the sale of a parcel of land, so beautifully written, on parchment paper.

YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED redux : assemblage

Borg Queen

You will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

This is a remake of the original piece that is now defunct.

See CATartrophe

creartful dodger you will be assimilated again assemblage copy

The ephemera: reproductions of old plans, handwritten manuscript from 1889, old text cut into a diamond pattern, unfinished painting by Lucas Cranach The Elder.
Assemblage bits: old binocular parts, gears, nuts and bolts, typewriter keys and parts, rusty registration plate, tiny light bulb


Swanning around the Jardin de Fleurs, floating in a dream of turquoise and seafoam, reading and re-reading the love letter from Paris. “Comment prouver mon amour…. ” sigh!

This piece was made specially for a friend I have not yet met, and she loves turquoise and seafoam.

jardin de fleurs


The ephemera: old french door and window, vintage garden sign, Georges Buffon’s swan, botanical flower illustration, snippet from a French love letter written in 1900  (found at a flea market in Paris by Creartfuldodger.)

DAUGHETER’S DENDRITES: digital collage

Zoé Portejoie….tu nous apportes de la joie,,,mais ce n’est pas du tout à cause de ta beauté éblouissante…mais non, c’est surtout à cause de ton esprit généreux, de ton coeur tendre et de tes pensées réfléchies.

Mamandaughter's dendrites creartfuldodger collage


The ephemera: photo portrait, old French receipt, tree in winter.  black birds in flight.

Black bird stock photos found here:

STAMPED: digital collage


Her experiences were stamped on her face as if they had been written there for all to see.

She wears each wrinkle and each imperfection proudly, like badges of honour.


The ephemera: vintage photo, handwritten French letter from the 1800s, vintage botanical drawing of seaweed, vintage French envelope with stamps and postmarks.

This is a departure for me in both subject matter and technique. More altered portraits to come.


All is not well with the appareil respiratoire.

It is clogged, the pressure is building, something is going to blow.

Just breathe.  Slowly.  In and out, in and out .

You will be fine….or not.

Appareil Respiratoire collage creartful dodger

The ephemera: photo of old smoke stacks, page from a cahier scolaire from 1889, natural history photos of crows and ravens, a fragment from an old receipt,  reproduction of a vintage gage. Encaustic Wax as a top coat.


THIS END UP : encaustic collage

This end up! Fragile! Caution! Do not shake!

creartful dodger collage this end up brid collage

Prints available for purchase here:

The ephemera: old letter, vintage house number, water tower, old postal label, natural history photo of a raven, photo of a tree in winter, encaustic wax.

7″ by 7″ on wooden block.




Victoire Duclos ready to take flight, leaving her words behind on the page for others decipher one hundred years later.

creartful dodger collage Victoire vintage bird

Prints are available for purchase here:

The ephemera: original document for the purchase of land from 1886, original envelope handwritten by an angry client to her lawyer in Paris, copies of natural history illustrations of a bird and flowers, original vintage French stamps.



One of the best kept secrets in all of Paris…the Eiffel Tower is actually a giant sprinkler….so that is why they have all those lovely green spaces!



The ephemera: a vintage photo of La tour Eiffel, an old French receipt, an  old decorative border and a vintage water tap


SOS! Let me out of here! Who, who locked me up?



The ephemera: a vintage owl natural history illustration ( reproduction), Old hand written French receipt from 1901 ( original ), a vintage padlock and key, 3 vintage metal typeset letters, a small bottle of china paint powder (golden brown ), a vintage post box number  and some rusty wire mesh.

Size : 8 inches by 8 inces

For locals I sourced the key and the letter press SOS letters here: It is a very cool shop in Saanich near the ferries.


BELLE-MÈRE: reversed transfer collage

Voici ma belle-mère.

Muguette Renaud Millette.

Belle. Mère. Grand-mère. Jamais oubliée.

Bonne fête des mères.


Ephemère :  page d’un cahier scolaire,  page d’un dictionnaire français,  lettre ancienne,  carte de restaurant , photo de ma belle-mère.



Jailhouse Rock

The warden threw a party in the county jail.

The prison band was there and they began to wail.

The band was jumpin’ and the joint began to swing.

You should’ve heard those knocked out jailbirds sing.


Lyrics by A. Schroeder et. al.


Elvis Presley (The king) “Lay it on me daddy-O”



The ephemera: Muybridge’s man with a hat, old mugshots, natural history owl, vintage tickets, old mail labels, ledger pages, a handwritten French letter from the 1800s, a vintage london hotel luggage sticker and an old undertakers calling card.


Here is the complete collection assembled in its frame. ( 20 inches by 20 inches square)  The blocks can be moved around as your fancy takes you. See blue collection and green collection for more about how the blocks can move in the frame.

Prints of Jailbirds are available for purchase here



Go directly to jail.

Do not pass go.

Do not collect 200 dollars.

Who will receive the get out of jail free card?

It’s up to you.


The ephemera:  vintage mugshots, an old receipt, a vintage postcard from Amsterdam, a Paris hotel luggage sticker, an old pharmacy label, an old photo of a water tower, muybridge’s dancing girl,  a natural history owl illustration, the cover from an old manuscript, vintage ticket stubs, natural history eggs, a nest and a scrap of old wall paper.

(Will anyone choose Adolph? I wonder.)



It wasn’t me, it was the one armed man!  (The Fugitive)

Were they framed?

That is for you to decide.

Here is part two of the JAIL BIRD collection.


The ephemera: natural history owl illustrations, old mug shots, flying nuns (or are they?) , hotel luggage label, mail stickers, whiskey label, playing card, old ledger pages and vintage bingo cards.


Jail birds, captured and imprisoned. What were their crimes? That is for you to discover. Follow the clues.

This is a 4-part post. There will be 16 jail blocks in all : each with their own tale, each one part of the whole sad story.



The ephemera: vintage mugshots, various old receipts, natural history owl illustration, vintage hotel sticker,  registered mail label, an old house number from an establishment in Chinatown, an old coupon and an antique playing card ( thank you to for this image )


Old postcards put to new use…

    Keep Calm and Carry on.


  Ephemera: stamp of Winston Churchill, old photo of children, vintage airmail labels, old letter, ration stamps, a vintage post card and reproductions of vintage cancellation stamps.

Get out of Jail Free 


  The ephemera:  vintage postal labels, old mugshot, old polish stamp, old postcard and reproductions of old cancellation stamps.

    Handle with Care


  The ephemera: vintage French stamp, old postal labels, two old postcards and a pretty red bird.

          Par Avion


The ephemera: two italian stamps, various vintage postal labels, a natural history illustration of a dragon fly,  numbers from the border of a vintage map and an old postcard.

YOU’VE GOT MAIL: altered post cards

You’ve got mail Harvey….from Juliette. That poor little Belgian girl that you mislead with your winning ways. Now she writes to you imploring you to answer her, to love her. At first the postcards are in French and then she learns English, to please you. She is hoping you will reply. Little does she know that you also receive postcards from Jane and Helga and Maria and others…Did she live a life of bitterness, cursing those drat Canadians or did she find someone after the war was over…maybe she went on to lead a happy life. We will never know.


Here is the long suffering Juliette. And on the reverse….
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The nuns get into the wine.

Yet another missive from Juliette…She has hand drawn a speech bubble with the letter H for Harvey. And on the reverse….

The circus is here, arriving by paquebot. Maybe Juliette went to cheer herself up.

Voila Jane, a more sensible English paramour, who only wrote once to charming Harvey. And on the reverse…. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   

Jane’s bicycle and a few  dancing girls to spice things up.

And finally here is Harvey ( on the left). Are we being too harsh with you Harvey. You are awfully young and it was the Great War after all and you were far from home. Still, you could have been kinder to Juliette. And on the reverse…..



Mugshots and turpentine.. not very subtle I admit. But that is how it is Harvey.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Thank you to Lori for gifting me your uncle Harvey’s postcards. He is long gone but his        exploits live on.


The siren call of vintage paper ephemera. Some things are hard to resist: vintage bus tickets, old stamps, colourful vintage airmail stickers, stunning seed packets, beauteous antique pharmacy labels, handwritten letters, artful receipts, meticulous ledger pages… what will become of these snippets of the past.

A recent find …40 beautiful old French pharmacy labels in delicate lilac colour or soothing green. LOVE!.


Stunning seed packet labels from 1900 in beautiful bright colours.


My new favorite collection of vintage airmail stickers and other postal delights…stamps and postmarks are very high up on my ADORE list.


And finally a rainbow of old French stamps gifted to me by a very supportive sister.

arc en ciel

NB background papers: include some of my most favorite items…old maps, vintage receipts, old postcards and handwritten manuscripts….SWOON!

PS I love using the drop shadow effect in Photo Shop Elements…so cool.

Painting over the aunties

I wanted to try a new technique of using gesso and paint over glossy photos…so I decided to paint over the Aunties. I do not think they would mind. I have turned them into thank you cards that I will give to relatives next time a thank you card is in order…which happily for me, is quite often, in my family.

Juanita and Wilma ( Neta and Billy) on the swing on Galiano Island 1926.
greeting card 2

Shirley and Nona under the umbrella, Chemainus 1941.greeting card 1


Looking for the Solution.


Found it: X Y Z!  I guess two bird brains are better than one, when it comes to algebra.



Ephemera: old book cover, handmade paper, leaf ribbon, an old metro ticket, vintage French pharmacy label, vintage French school book page and reproductions of Magasin Printemps card; Mississippi River Flood map; natural history birds images, vintage game board letters.



Don’t cock it up! Label your suitcase with care.


Don’t forget to take some reels of thread…you may need them on that trek.


Ephemera: Old map of Algeria, cigar label and reproductions of vintage catalogue page; matchbox covers; old text and a Japanese postage label.


The steamer trunk is all neatly packed with all essentials necessary for the transatlantic voyage. She carefully affixes the tags to her luggage. The crows foot is for good luck. Will it arrive safely? Will she?




Ephemera: handmade paper, cigar label, poison labels and reproductions of vintage calling card for a corset company in Marseille; a postcard of La Grande Roue, Paris, an old photo; an old map; a ticket for the launch of the TItanic; vintage postal label.

THE PASSING OF TIME : photo collage

Lichen, moss, chipped paint and rust…the passing of time leaves it’s mark on that which is made by nature and that which is made by man.


A photo collage of greenish patina, the pictures were taken in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in the dying days of 2013 and new years day 2014.

This is not my usual style but I wanted to try something different and it now is happily hanging in my living room, adding a bit of serenity to my busy, busy life.