Murder Mystery: Death in the Clouds

Death in the Clouds. Madame Giselle, a famous French money lender, is found dead in her seat on a flight from Paris to Croydon. Was it a wasp sting, that proved fatal or something more sinister at play?

Agatha Christie SOLD😁

The ephemera: Vintage church registry from Halifax; old mugshot; vintage aviation photo; vintage airmail sticker, natural history illustration of bees

Size : 5 inches square on wooden block

Roman policer: la plume empoisonnĂ©e

Elle s’est suicidĂ©e, c’est une de ces saletĂ©s de lettres anonymes!

On peut dire qu’on l’y a forcĂ©e Ă  l’aide de cette plume empoisonnĂ©e.

Arrive l’intrĂ©pide Miss Marple.

Agatha Christie

The ephemera: vintage atlas map 1933; vintage poison labels, reproduction of vintage mugshot, vintage game piece.