Off to Africa

Off to the savannas of Africa

hoping to see a giraffe running free

under the umbrella tree.

SOLD (at Visions Artists Studio Tour )

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: original vintage map of Africa from Atlas dated 1878, reproduction of giraffe botanical illustration, original vintage stamp.

Size: 6 inches by 6 inches on wooden block


She spent her days building the nest.

With care and love, it was warm, secure and nurturing.

It was her most important task in life.

Time passes and the fledglings have left

the nest empty.

The task is complete.

SOLD ( as Maple Bay Marina Gallery)


The ephemera : Old map of France, handwritten envelope destined for Paris, handmade paper with tiny twigs, old dictionary pages. Found objects: birds nest, antique key, door handle, small icon, beach glass, old crystals from a chandelier, beach stone and vintage thread.

TIME FLIES : collage

My, my how time flies!

A raven, from his perch on the tube  station clock pours over the London map of poverty. Is he choosing where best to find plunder or is he pondering where to settle into new digs.


Perhaps he has learnt to cultivate that slight hint of fustiness in his manner.

(that line is for you Wayne’s Radios)