Mme D’amour: Maison Meublée

Maison Meublée à louer…Paris apartment, fully furnished for rent.

What does Mme D’Amour keep in her aparto? Is it full of art deco?


Why a swan of course, enchained by a golden choker, accompanied by some coral from the South Seas and a healing crystal. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Twin tarnished crowns complete the decor. Maison meublée by Madame D’Amour.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Vines and Time to top it all off.   Always “À la une ”  is Madame d’ Amour.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The ephemera: old French notarized document (original), British station clock (reproduction), old Swan game board (reproduction) , old French advert (reproduction), botanical illustrations (reproduction).

Found objects: coral, quartz crystal, wooden drawer pull, vintage drawer pull, vine ribbon, brass crowns, old cigar box.

Thank you to Graphic`s Fairy for the French topography  and Bibliodyssey for the Swan game board image

STUDIO: paper filing cabinet

The studio is coming together. Next piece a paper filing cabinet from an upcycled dresser.  We found a very inexpensive tall narrow dresser at the General Salvage store. It had 8 drawers. Perfect! This is not the actual cabinet…I forgot to take a before pic but it was very similar to this.dressercollage3


Two coats of charcoal FAT paint, some light distressing and three coats of wax and it looks much better. We also added some nice trim.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe added some lovely drawer pulls and labels.








Filled up the drawers with my paper collection.










And voila the finished cabinet.



STUDIO – upcycled desk

Creartful dodger is still working on the new studio.

New installment upcycled desk.

Found a great inexpensive desk at a second hand shop in Chemainus.second had desk before

I knew it was meant for me because it had a world map laminated on the top. I mean really, we all know I adore maps! It was a no brainer.

Second hand shop desk with laminated map

Carted it home with glee. Charmed the Monsieur into helping me reinforce it.

Charcoal FAT Paint and Wax  worked wonders on the frame and door fronts.



Wooden knobs from the other cabinet got new life with chalk paint and collaged clock dials. (Saved moola by DIYing the drawer pulls! Feeling clever).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And Voila! What was old is new again and will be the perfect computer desk for my new studio office.




I think my little R2D2 speakers look fine perched up on there.

Feeling Fancy!


What is broken can be fixed.

Live, make mistakes.

Be afflicted but not crushed.

 Be perplexed but not driven to despair.

Restoration is possible.

                                      It is when we are broken that we seek wholeness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: old architectural plans, vintage photos of flying french nuns, french manuscript from 1868, antique french hand written letter from the 1800s.

Found objects: frozen charlottes, old metal slide frames, a broken bit of old pottery, a vintage clay poker chip, an old door knob, a tiny blue bottle, top of a broken antique ink bottle, old print block ampersand , vintage house number and a vintage cast iron decorative detail.


Dysfunctional village: assemblage

Six dwellings, each unique and individual and yet each belonging with the others, to form the dysfunctional village. The doors are waiting to be opened. What lies within?

House number one: one bottle of hair brown, vintage house number; old latch, antique porcelain doll’s leg, a bit of ribbon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA House number five: five vintage ink quills; old ink bottle, stone angel, vintage nails, a section of a wooden slide rule, a door knob and a vintage house number. (SOLD)


House number two: two keys, a door knob, an antique optical lens, a tiny light bulb, an eye and a vintage house number.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

House number six: 6 vintage typewriter keys; an old gauge; a vintage fishing lure, an old tap and a vintage house number.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

House number four: four vials, an old key, and old door plate, a bit of old ribbon and a vintage house number.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHouse number three: three frozen charlottes, old copper nails and screws; a section of a old wooden slide rule; a door knob and a vintage house number.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA