Chimère de Paris: assemblage

Chimère de Paris, perché là-haut son regard réflétant le témoignage des siècles d’histoire


He is well, perched up there so high, his view is of the Seine and the roof tops of Paris.

Ah, the sights he has witnessed over the centuries. Yet his gaze remains poised and steady.



Creatures from the deep; collage

Six little creatures living in a sea of old papers will they ever survive all this paper work?

Titanic tentacles grasping on to the ticket.


Listen  Marthe and you will hear the sea.Image

Penny pinching while going over the receipts.Image

Consultations with arms open wide.Image

Weeding through the correspondence.Image

A prickly postcard, will it be well recieved?Image

Mini collages, 2 inches square, destined for a wooden playing block.

Artful crates for studio storage

Artful storage for the art studio. New cedar crates transformed with biodegradable weathering compound and pastels and vintage labels. Thank you to Michel for the crates and the Graphic Fairy for the labels. The transfer technique is so easy and involves printing  in reverse on parchment paper. Now all my vintage supplies will have a lovely home.