Old World Brain

Old World Brains stuck in their old stereo-typical patterns, hiding behind borders,  focusing on what makes us different rather than that which unites us.


The ephemera: Original Atlas Map from 1930’s; high quality reproduction of natural history illustrations of human skulls.

Size: 8 inches square

SOLD to Darcie



New World Brain

He kept all of¬† his brains on pedestals. It was the only way he could compartmentalise his new world thinking. SOLD ūüėĀ


The ephemera: original vintage atlas map projections; high quality reproductions of vintage anatomy illustrations and decorative columns.

Interdiction de l’emploi des cerfs-volants

The rules were always for others, never for him. Everything was pared down to the bares bones, the essentials.

cabinet of curiosities collage

Commission for mon ami Deni qui aime l’histoire naturelle, les curiosit√©s et la juxtaposition des √©l√©ments incongrus.

Size: 8 inch square on wooden block. Part one of a set of three.

The ephemera: page from 1800s school book, old receipt, old rules flyer, vintage anatomy illustration, natural history image of a black beetle.

The found object: antique optical lens.