Vintage Fair Fun

mikone vintage fairLast Saturday I joined my friends Darcie and Holly at the Mikone Farm Vintage Fair held in beautiful Cobble Hill, BC. on Vancouver Island. This annual vintage is fair is not to be missed if you are on Vancouver Island in late June.

These two remarkably creative sisters had a wonderful stall and did very well indeed. Here is their beautiful display with a few of my collage pieces for good measure.

ruth and nelly vintage

Darcie of Ruth and Nelly Vintage and Handmade sells beautiful vintage linens and other treasures. She also designs and makes beautiful upcycled pillows, clutches and bags from vintage fabrics. Take a look at her business page. She does custom orders. Her pillows and clutches sold like hotcakes at the fair.

10507091_1685633128335424_2611263503614201488_o 11020245_1677126112519459_8657823711048562332_n

Her sister Holly of Twisted Poppy makes beautiful handmade tunics using fine cotton/hemp blends and upcycled vintage lace tablecloths. I own one of her tunics and LOVE it. I have had it for a year now and it is still lovely. You can find her on Instagram @twisted_poppy.

twisted poppy

There  were many an added bonus to helping these two out. It was rather like a party as many  friends and colleagues visited the fair to lend their support.  One HUGE perk  was having our dear friend Alwen of Belle Brocante at the neighbouring stall. I ended up handing over all my allowance to her. Sigh! It was worth it! I kept sneaking over to visit her when Darcie wasn’t looking. He he he.  Check out some of the treasures I found. She also had a very successful day at the Fair. Everyone was blown away by her beautiful antique wares from the flea markets of France. Hurray for A. !

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd then, I happened upon a super deal…a 1920s vintage underwood typewriter for very little moola. So I went into the red. I have wanted one of these babies for ages. When I arrived home gleefully with all my treasures, the mister just shook is head sadly.


But wait, as if it couldn’t get any better, a few days later, my darling friend Darcie presented me with the best thank you gift EVER! A vintage cuckoo clock in a charming state of disarray, it’s innards delightfully exposed! I feel an extra super special assemblage may come out of this! Her mister made her throw in a bottle of wine as he thought she was off her rocker to offer me a broken clock as thanks for helping her out. He he he, how little they understand…but wine is good so thanks to the mister.


All in all a very satisfying enterprise.

This post is for Boomdee at Boomdeeadda as she requested that I post my finds from the vintage fair. Here you go K. Enjoy.


Richard Guest from The Future is Papier Mâche asked me to be part of a blog hop. As I understand it, the purpose is to link artists of all sorts, by sharing their work and a little about their process.   The Hop consists of telling a little about the artist who nominated you, answering four questions about yourself and nominating two other artists to carry on the hop. So here we go.

Richard is a street photographer among other things. He spends time most days taking pictures of stylish and intriguing people on the streets on London. He invites us to join him and shares with us where and how he came to choose each subject. They are invariably fascinating people. I love people watching, and so for me, Richard’s creative, interesting and stunning photos permit me to wander the streets of one of my favorite cities, staring with curiosity at the people who call London home. Enjoy.

Street Portrait (for and of Oli), 2014

Street Portrait of and for Oli by Richard Guest 2014

About Me : Wilma Millette of Creartfuldodger

How does my process work?

My process varies quite a bit. Sometimes an idea for a collage or assemblage just pops into my head as when someone once referred to me as a magpie and The borrower came into being.


Other times the ideas come from the materials themselves as in the Stickmen. I was gifted an old yard stick and was trying to think of something to do with it and then I was looking through my collection of old photos…and the idea to make stick people was germinated.


For the most part, I strive to convey some meaning in the pieces I do. I try to give some relevance to the materials I use. I love to use ordinary, often discarded objects and paper ephemera from the past. They have a certain beauty that is often lacking in the modern world of mass reproduction. I like to think that the people who made them all those years ago would be pleased that their work is being appreciated and valued.

How does my work differ from others in the genre? ( Hard question!!!)

Well there is certainly a wide variety of styles and materials used in collage and assemblage. There are some really wonderful, creative artists in this genre. I think perhaps that the combining of text with my pieces to create a narrative is something that not many collage artists do. Perhaps also, it is the juxtaposition of objects that do not normally go together that surprises and intrigues people.

What am I working on?

Lately I have become enamored of making assemblages in shadow boxes. I am ruminating on several ideas for more of those. I am however currently setting up a dedicated studio space in my home.  My husband and I are scouring the salvage shops for vintage furniture pieces to hold my materials and to display my work. We found a great old dresser today to hold my collection of old papers. I have books, papers, atlases, found objects of all sorts. I want my new space to reflect the work I do and to display my materials in an artful way. I take much pleasure in organizing and playing with all the raw materials.   I also  plan to hold workshops in the late winter and early spring when the studio is complete.

Why do I do what I do? ( I agree with Richard, this does sound like a song title)

Because….I want to…is the short answer.

Here is the longer answer: I believe that to  be a well-rounded healthy being,  a person needs to have creativity in their life. All my life I have engaged in creative endeavors. It was encouraged in my family.  I have tried various other genres of visual arts including, drawing, oil pastels, watercolor, clay, yadda yadda… with mediocre success. When I discovered collage/ mixed media I fell in love with it. This medium allows me to express my creativity in a way that is completely satisfying to me. It is the silver lining that came out of difficult year of nursing a very sick child. The happy ending is that he fully recovered and I discovered a source of great pleasure.

Here is my very first collage made during that very difficult time. It is called

The four corners of the earth


Here are my nominees.

Jenny Morbey over at This Rosy Life

I always look forward to Jenny’s new work, it make me smile. She exudes positivity and we all could do with a big dollop of that! On her blog page Jenny writes: It’s my dream to add rosy cheer to your world through my happy and whimsical art! She makes lovely, quirky, colourful collages and greeting cards with a happy, rosy, uplifting attitude. She creates them from her home studio in Barcelona. Enjoy!

Veronica Cay  at Drawer(n) from life

Veronica is versatile artist from Australia.  Her stunning 2D  and 3 D pieces are made of ceramic, textile, found objects, mixed media and more. She is a storyteller.  Her multilayered work acts as a vehicle for exploring identity and human relationships. I am mesmerised by her work.  Enjoy!


The siren call of vintage paper ephemera. Some things are hard to resist: vintage bus tickets, old stamps, colourful vintage airmail stickers, stunning seed packets, beauteous antique pharmacy labels, handwritten letters, artful receipts, meticulous ledger pages… what will become of these snippets of the past.

A recent find …40 beautiful old French pharmacy labels in delicate lilac colour or soothing green. LOVE!.


Stunning seed packet labels from 1900 in beautiful bright colours.


My new favorite collection of vintage airmail stickers and other postal delights…stamps and postmarks are very high up on my ADORE list.


And finally a rainbow of old French stamps gifted to me by a very supportive sister.

arc en ciel

NB background papers: include some of my most favorite items…old maps, vintage receipts, old postcards and handwritten manuscripts….SWOON!

PS I love using the drop shadow effect in Photo Shop Elements…so cool.