Spare Parts

She kept her spare parts, neatly organized on the shelf, just in case.

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One of my first attempts at  assemblage box, years ago. Gifted to my sister.

The ephemera: picture of a stone angel, vintage sheet music, snippet of reproduction of a plan of the Vatican, fragment of an old love letter.

The found objects: broken cherub, vintage watch parts, crystal and an antique door pull.

Stone angels : collage

Seen and Highgate cemeteries inspired these pieces.


Inspired by a trip to Kensal Green Cemetery. A trio of stone angels, still and beautiful, adorned by lichen and moss. collage stone angel 1vintage sheet music, old plans, copper bird

collage stone angel 2


Old text, a receipt for le champs elysees and copper wings.



OlOld French receipt, purple crown, copper wings, moss green patina

Spare parts…just in case

shadow box angel 3


Spare parts, just in case.