Reverse Image Transfer Technique for Collage and Mixed Media

An instructional post for Collage Artists and Mixed Media Artists.

Here is a link to my Instagram where you can watch a short video about Reverse Image Transfer using Gold Soft Gel Matte Medium.

This is the technique I used for the work in my last two blog posts: Parrots and Treasures from Nature.

Reverse Image Transfer is a great way to add a difficult to cut out image to your work and to layer an image on text, allowing the background writing to show through your image.

I would suggest practising this a few times before trying it on your art work.

Cut out around the image you wish to transfer ( mine was printed on 100 percent rag paper, using an ink jet printer). Apply a generous even layer of Golden Soft Gel Semi-gloss matte medium to the right side of the image, carefully covering the entire image. Place the image face down on your art work. Press firming with your fingers, then with a brayer, palette knife or old credit card to remove air bubbles and ensure proper adhesion. Let dry over night.

Soak back of image with warm water using a wet cloth, let it sit for 10 minutes. Start to rub away the paper, using your fingers or a damp cloth. Be careful not to rub away the image.

Allow to dry. Finish off with a thin layer of matte medium.

VoilĂ !


Blackbird in Winter

He saw the first signs of spring and was wistful.

If only winter would be 3 1/2 weeks longer, he sighed.


The ephemera: French legal document 1869; vintage stamps, old map of Ontario, Canada; photo of tree in winter; high quality copy of black bird illustration; label from a tool drawer.

The methods:  gel medium reverse transfer; encaustic wax.

Size: 7 inches square on wooden block