Bois de Vincennes

Madame Caille est envoyée par la Société des Agriculteurs de Frances en mission clandestine aux Bois de Vincennes. Que dénichera-t’elle?


Bois de Vincennes
Bois de Vincennes

The ephemera :  original vintage Paris map 1947  of bois de Vincennes ; original vintage stamps;  high quality reproductions on rag paper of natural history image of a quail, vintage bicycle, bird’s nest and Chemistry Lab receipt.

Size 7 inches square

Sold during the Spring Studio Tour

Pigeon de Paris

Perché sur le pavé, il est parfait, ce pigeon de Paris.


collage art

The ephemera: hand made paper from 1899 ledger; original French document 1879; original vintage mail sticker; high quality reproduction of natural history image of pigeon

Size : small 5 inches square

Sibylla’s Collection

A Commission piece for Sibylla: cycling, skiing and travel all in a collection.

The Nine Tiles are placed in an angled  frame without sides. they can be moved around as suits Sibylla’s whim. Each tile has it’s own composition but is part of the whole piece.




The ephemera: old travel hotel labels, vintage images of bicycles, 100 year old French letter, vintage air mail stickers, old maps, family photos, old lift tickets, vintage travel tickets, patents for ski equipment, image of vintage wooden skis, maps of ski hill, vintage world atlas maps, vintage German world clock poster old Eiffel tower poster.

Size: each tile 5 inches square, entire collection 15 inches square.




Cycling along the seine, on a winter’s day.

Winding your way through narrow streets, over bridges and quays.

You warm up with croissants and cafe au lait

Seven impossible adventures are coming your way.

GIFTED to Zabrina

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: original Paris vintage postcard, original love letter from early 1900s, original grocery receipt from 1910. Reproductions of vintage bicycle, tree in winter. Decorative diamond paper with old text.

Found objects: antique wooden anagram letters, vintage house number.

Size 12 inches by 12 inches on wooden cradle

Mme D’amour: Maison Meublée

Maison Meublée à louer…Paris apartment, fully furnished for rent.

What does Mme D’Amour keep in her aparto? Is it full of art deco?


Why a swan of course, enchained by a golden choker, accompanied by some coral from the South Seas and a healing crystal. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Twin tarnished crowns complete the decor. Maison meublée by Madame D’Amour.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Vines and Time to top it all off.   Always “À la une ”  is Madame d’ Amour.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The ephemera: old French notarized document (original), British station clock (reproduction), old Swan game board (reproduction) , old French advert (reproduction), botanical illustrations (reproduction).

Found objects: coral, quartz crystal, wooden drawer pull, vintage drawer pull, vine ribbon, brass crowns, old cigar box.

Thank you to Graphic`s Fairy for the French topography  and Bibliodyssey for the Swan game board image

Trifling with Eiffel: assemblage

Marie was all cut up.

How could he have trifled with her so?

“Enough!” she said and on went the new frock.

Time to rejoin society.





Front of the box when closed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: cover from a legal document 1828, old receipt from 1879 (reproduction) , old  handwritten envelope, vintage postal stamps and stickers, old metro ticket (reproduction), vintage French postcard (reproduction)

The found objects: old optical lense, feather, old cigar box

Thank you to Trishia Jacobs Carney of French Kissed Postcards  for the gift of the Eiffel girl postcard. I hope you like what I have done with her.

Thank you to Alwen of Belle Brocante for the lovely old document and for the inspiring day that gave me a start on this project. See Art Play Date for details.



Swanning around the Jardin de Fleurs, floating in a dream of turquoise and seafoam, reading and re-reading the love letter from Paris. “Comment prouver mon amour…. ” sigh!

This piece was made specially for a friend I have not yet met, and she loves turquoise and seafoam.

GIFTED to Kelly

jardin de fleurs


The ephemera: old french door and window, vintage garden sign, Georges Buffon’s swan, botanical flower illustration, snippet from a French love letter written in 1900  (found at a flea market in Paris by Creartfuldodger.)


Victoire Duclos ready to take flight, leaving her words behind on the page for others decipher one hundred years later.

SOLDcreartful dodger collage Victoire vintage bird


The ephemera: original document for the purchase of land from 1886, original envelope handwritten by an angry client to her lawyer in Paris, copies of natural history illustrations of a bird and flowers, original vintage French stamps.

Size: 7 inches by 7 inches on wooden block



One of the best kept secrets in all of Paris…the Eiffel Tower is actually a giant sprinkler….so that is why they have all those lovely green spaces!

GIFTED to Loulou



The ephemera: a vintage photo of La tour Eiffel, an old French receipt, an  old decorative border and a vintage water tap


A very French Hen gingerly negotiates her path amongst the aquamarine jelly fish  on her way to select her “parfum préfèré”  from the exclusive Paris salon. Will she have time for a chou à la crème chez Odette before making the journey homeward.

SOLDcollage beautiful bird


Alors vous voulez des choux à la crème?

C’est décidé! Chez Odette à Paris.

Après tout, c’est leur spécialité.

Mais vous manquez votre coup.

Les corbeaux sont arrivés avant vous.

Ils vont sûrement vous  dérober!






7 inches square on wooden block.


A selection of vintage treasures gleefully collected from various vintage summer sales. The bounty paid for from the sale of my work.  Hurray!


Foot tall, industrial letters with lovely patina…. X Y Z  ….Y not?


A bird cage, a vanity case and my new, old lunch box!


A storage box for my hardware.


A school atlas from 1878 discounted because it is grungy Bahaha!


Plan of Paris with pull out maps , YES!


A handful of labels…so lovely.

Sigh, time to go back to my other life of long hours at work and only stolen moments of art and junking…Sigh.


Un trio d’étiquettes bicyclettes… mais ou les mettre? En vedette sur une tablette?



Matériel: ancienne carte postale; ancienne facture; vieille photo; dos d’un livre; billet gare de l’est Paris.Image

Carnet de rations alimentaires de 1947; dos d’un livre; billet d’autobus; vieille photoImage

Matériel: épine du dictionnaire illustré Larousse; billet d’autobus; vieille photo, ancienne reçue.

Mixed media collage

Chimère de Paris: assemblage

Chimère de Paris, perché là-haut son regard réflétant le témoignage des siècles d’histoire


He is well, perched up there so high, his view is of the Seine and the roof tops of Paris.

Ah, the sights he has witnessed over the centuries. Yet his gaze remains poised and steady.


Flea Market Finds for the studio

My last trip to Paris and London was over a year ago now…sigh. Nottinghill , Spitalfields, Bricklane, St. Ouen, Vanves...double sigh.

Ah the treasures we find at the flea market! Somethings made it home, some did not.


Ma boutique préférée à St. Ouen : Tombées du Camion...le paradis!


Can one have too many antique bird cages?  I think not.


Some things made it home: old love letters from 1901, legal documents on parchment from the 1800s, old keys, escutcheons, doll eye balls, old house numbers, a wooden spool and a printers tray and some wooden letters.


Some things did not make it home: a old prosthetic leg attached to rather large underpants.

and a valise chockablock full of taxidermy ducklings.


They really wanted to come to Canada but hélàs no room!

THE BORROWER: shadow box

The borrower swoops in to make off with your most prized possessions…the love letter from Berthe; your best horse’s tooth; your tiniest poison bottles; your magic crystal; your old tv tubes. He gleefully watches over them with a lock and key and waits, for your back to turn, so he can return to scamper off with more treasures for his hoard.

GIFTED to Robert


Big shadow box (13″ X 13″). (SOLD)


DETAILS: poison bottles, crystal, lock and key, t.v. tubes, watch front, a gauge, watch parts, old horse tooth, antique clock gears, an old tap, a label from a bottle of  Chateau Neuf du Pape, a 1908 French love letter from Berthe,  the ace of spades, an old slide ruler, an old French receipt from a Parisian chemist lab and a French document from 1794.

shelves 2 shelves

I must admit that this piece is somewhat autobiographical….

NEWS FLASH: This piece was chosen as one of three out of more than 100 entries in the CVAC Spring Art Show by judges to have a jury talk and won one of the BEST IN SHOW awards. Apparently it will go off with the others on a tour of other galleries in the area before returning home to roost.


Pour ma fille Zoé en souvenir de ses six mois à Paris: sa première grande aventure sans sa famille. Un tableau destiné pour son premier appartement. Je lui souhaite bien d’autres aventures.   

A departure for me from my usual collage and altered art. A vintage type bus roll of favourite Paris places for my daughter. A souvenir of past adventures to kick off new ones, in her new city.



Step one choose place names, fonts. Arrange that the words are more or less the same length adjusting the size and spacing. Blow up to correct size using photocopy machine. Cover canvas (18 inches by 36 inches) with black gesso. Cover back of text with thick layer of chalk. Tape to canvas.


Step two:

With a sharp pencil carefully trace the outlines of all the letters. Remove paper to reveal the transferred letters.


Step three:

Paint in the letters with white acrylic paint. Correct errors with black sharpie pen or black gesso.

Wipe off the chalk with a damp cloth.

Protect with a couple of coats of matte varnish.


Or you could just order one on line for a few hundred CAD dollars. It was time consuming but enjoyable and cost about 30 CAD to make.

Artful crates for studio storage

Artful storage for the art studio. New cedar crates transformed with biodegradable weathering compound and pastels and vintage labels. Thank you to Michel for the crates and the Graphic Fairy for the labels. The transfer technique is so easy and involves printing  in reverse on parchment paper. Now all my vintage supplies will have a lovely home.

new worlds: map art

NEW WORLDS: I love maps. I always have. The shapes and colours, the tiny writing, the grids of longitude and latitude, the symbols and the winding rivers. Maps evoke mystery, adventure and endless possibilities. Maps are always changing and evolving never really currant.  This is a series of manipulated maps combining favourite places, intriguing places, places i have been and  places I have yet to visit.

Water World: The world is made of water, clean, life giving water, surrounded by little bits  of land, pink and green like a patchwork quilt.

The Four Corners of The Earth:  I’d follow you to the four corners of the earth…if I could stop by all my favourite places on the way.

Paris Plages: This beautiful city is chopped into manageable pieces and placed carefully by the sea and by the countryside. Now one can bathe and breathe between jaunts to the museums, the monuments and the shops.

Number 2, rue Portejoie, Paris : assemblage

Two young girls on their first big adventure sans adults, in Paris. Climb up la tour Eiffel and  pinch yourselves…are we really here? Leave your names locked to Le Pont des Arts, the friendship sealed there.

Old French receipt ( carried home carefully by the girls with other precious papers), vintage lock and keys, old house number 2, La tour Eiffel on tissue paper, and Fleur de Lys.

A Gift for Alissa, so she will always remember her escapades with Zoe.

A raven, a tapir and a beetle: collage

A raven in London: Perhaps Poe’s raven lamenting Lenore on vintage type writer keys….or one of the tower ravens calling “Off with her head” as he perches precariously on a bend in the Thames.


collage crow_nA tapir in Paris: poised on the Périphérique, waiting to take his turn in the complicated gamethat is played there while busy body bees hover above.

collage tapir

I love the BEATLES: All you need is love over Lucy in the Sky with diamonds. Digital collage: old maps, vintage game board, old papers, natural history illustrations, old type writer key illustration.

collage beetle