Diving In

La Plongée

Sans souci, ils ont pris la plongée au coeur de Paris, le centre du monde.

La plongéee

Small Collage on Old Book Cover

The ephemera: Fly leaf and book cover of Plan de Paris from 1947; Original vintage map projection; small diving figures from vintage Larousse dictionary, original vintage airmail sticker.

Taking the Plunge

One after another they decided to take the plunge. The world was their oyster.

The Plunge

Collage on Old Book Cover 8 inches by 12 inches

The Ephemera: Vintage Book Cover from old Atlas; Original Receipt from Paris, 1902; Original map projection from Vintage Atlas, Diving figures from vintage Larousse dictionary; photos of poppy seed heads from my garden.


Bois de Vincennes

Madame Caille est envoyée par la Société des Agriculteurs de Frances en mission clandestine aux Bois de Vincennes. Que dénichera-t’elle?


Bois de Vincennes

The ephemera :  original vintage Paris map 1947  of bois de Vincennes ; original vintage stamps;  high quality reproductions on rag paper of natural history image of a quail, vintage bicycle, bird’s nest and Chemistry Lab receipt.

Size 7 inches square

Sold during the Spring Studio Tour

Sibylla’s Collection

A Commission piece for Sibylla: cycling, skiing and travel all in a collection.

The Nine Tiles are placed in an angled  frame without sides. they can be moved around as suits Sibylla’s whim. Each tile has it’s own composition but is part of the whole piece.

The ephemera: old travel hotel labels, vintage images of bicycles, 100 year old French letter, vintage air mail stickers, old maps, family photos, old lift tickets, vintage travel tickets, patents for ski equipment, image of vintage wooden skis, maps of ski hill, vintage world atlas maps, vintage German world clock poster old Eiffel tower poster.

Size: each tile 5 inches square, entire collection 15 inches square.

new worlds: map art

NEW WORLDS: I love maps. I always have. The shapes and colours, the tiny writing, the grids of longitude and latitude, the symbols and the winding rivers. Maps evoke mystery, adventure and endless possibilities. Maps are always changing and evolving never really currant.  This is a series of manipulated maps combining favourite places, intriguing places, places i have been and  places I have yet to visit.

Water World: The world is made of water, clean, life giving water, surrounded by little bits  of land, pink and green like a patchwork quilt.

The Four Corners of The Earth:  I’d follow you to the four corners of the earth…if I could stop by all my favourite places on the way.

Paris Plages: This beautiful city is chopped into manageable pieces and placed carefully by the sea and by the countryside. Now one can bathe and breathe between jaunts to the museums, the monuments and the shops.