Inspiration Board 2022

I gathered some of my well-loved, quirky, bits and bobs from depth of cabinets, cupboards and boxes of my studio to create this inspiration board. It reminds me of what I have in my collection and will hopefully spark some new ideas.

in the studio



lost and found

Papers, transportation, lost and found, anatomy, science so much more.


Diving In

La Plongée

Sans souci, ils ont pris la plongée au coeur de Paris, le centre du monde.

La plongéee

Small Collage on Old Book Cover

The ephemera: Fly leaf and book cover of Plan de Paris from 1947; Original vintage map projection; small diving figures from vintage Larousse dictionary, original vintage airmail sticker.

Taking the Plunge

One after another they decided to take the plunge. The world was their oyster.

The Plunge

Collage on Old Book Cover 8 inches by 12 inches

The Ephemera: Vintage Book Cover from old Atlas; Original Receipt from Paris, 1902; Original map projection from Vintage Atlas, Diving figures from vintage Larousse dictionary; photos of poppy seed heads from my garden.