Having heard it said that two heads are better than one, Georges decides to keep  his spare heads securely locked up in the garden, just in case. SOLD

creartful dodger collage les tetes de georges



WATER TOWER : collage

A crow at work. Watching from the Water tower. Checking on the gauges. All systems ready to go. SOLD




This is number one in a series of three mixed media collages called “A MURDER OF CROWS”.  Probably one of the greatest collective nouns around A MURDER. It is right up there with A GAGGLE!  Flock and School just fade in comparison really.

violette bicyclette: encaustic collage

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAun deux trois quatre cinq six sept

violette, violette

un deux trois quatre cinq six sept

violette bicyclette

Step one : glue old papers on to wooden cradle. Add background photos. Layer with paint and gesso. Sand lightly.


Step two: add main image, in this case the bicycle.

Step 3: Layer more paint, gesso, ink. Top with two coats of encaustic wax. Finish off with vintage house number.


NB I happened upon an old dictionary page that had both the words bissextile and bitch on it. I couldn’t help myself and had to use it…but no one else knows they are there…except you and me.



Un trio d’étiquettes bicyclettes… mais ou les mettre? En vedette sur une tablette?



Matériel: ancienne carte postale; ancienne facture; vieille photo; dos d’un livre; billet gare de l’est Paris.Image

Carnet de rations alimentaires de 1947; dos d’un livre; billet d’autobus; vieille photoImage

Matériel: épine du dictionnaire illustré Larousse; billet d’autobus; vieille photo, ancienne reçue.

Mixed media collage


France or England? Angleterre ou France? You decide…Oh mais non c’est à toi de décider!

Chez Charles Beaudelaire rue Bourbon or The house of Will Conaway near the Bull’s Head in Dean Street.

Will they ever come to a decision…je m’en doute.



Natural history illustrations of quails, old French receipt, British calling card, faux postage stamps.

The completes the set of three Bird Symmetry:  Swans, Storks and Quails.

Mixed Media, collage.

RAG, TAG, PAPER BAG: art tags

A strange little collection of raggedy tags for Amy with thanks. What will she do with them? How best to make use of  the butterflies, the football guy and the hot air balloon? Does she have something calling out for identification or categorization ?



Hot air balloon on safety pin card…don’t pop it.


Butterflies on handwritten ledger from 1879


Football guy on an old bill of sale from a Laboratoire Chimique de Paris

Amy thanks for all the extra help that was not part of your job description. Thanks for your caring and kindness towards all the children.

Chimère de Paris: assemblage

Chimère de Paris, perché là-haut son regard réflétant le témoignage des siècles d’histoire


He is well, perched up there so high, his view is of the Seine and the roof tops of Paris.

Ah, the sights he has witnessed over the centuries. Yet his gaze remains poised and steady.


Creatures from the deep; collage

Six little creatures living in a sea of old papers will they ever survive all this paper work?

Titanic tentacles grasping on to the ticket.


Listen  Marthe and you will hear the sea.Image

Penny pinching while going over the receipts.Image

Consultations with arms open wide.Image

Weeding through the correspondence.Image

A prickly postcard, will it be well recieved?Image

Mini collages, 2 inches square, destined for a wooden playing block.

OFF TO THE TROPICS! : vintage luggage tags

Luggage Tags/ Les étiquettes

Always artful even when packing for a tropical vacation….guess where I am off to!

valise numéro un: costume de bain, lunettes de soleil, crème solaireImage

valise numéro deux: passeport, billets d’avion, dictionnaire espagnol/ françaisImage

valise numéro trois: guide touristique, cartes routières, chapeau de pailleImage.


Exchanging rain, grey skies and low temperatures for sunshine, monkeys, snorkelling and palm trees. Bliss.


THE BORROWER: shadow box

The borrower swoops in to make off with your most prized possessions…the love letter from Berthe; your best horse’s tooth; your tiniest poison bottles; your magic crystal; your old tv tubes. He gleefully watches over them with a lock and key and waits, for your back to turn, so he can return to scamper off with more treasures for his hoard.

GIFTED to Robert


Big shadow box (13″ X 13″). (SOLD)


DETAILS: poison bottles, crystal, lock and key, t.v. tubes, watch front, a gauge, watch parts, old horse tooth, antique clock gears, an old tap, a label from a bottle of  Chateau Neuf du Pape, a 1908 French love letter from Berthe,  the ace of spades, an old slide ruler, an old French receipt from a Parisian chemist lab and a French document from 1794.

shelves 2 shelves

I must admit that this piece is somewhat autobiographical….

NEWS FLASH: This piece was chosen as one of three out of more than 100 entries in the CVAC Spring Art Show by judges to have a jury talk and won one of the BEST IN SHOW awards. Apparently it will go off with the others on a tour of other galleries in the area before returning home to roost.

CALL BOX: assemblage

An old telephone dial, old papers, a doll’s eye from Paris, an old green door knob, a watch face…what shall we do with you?


Finished assemblage cradled in the right hand waiting to be played with.



The dial actually works and makes a lovely whirring noise while making the eye ball spin.

Check out the you tube video to see it work

Do you still remember your old phone number?

Speech Bubbles: London: mixed media collage

All those souls, past and present, jumbled together in that glorious monster of a city that is London. Their thoughts, hopes and dreams rising  from the Thames like bubbles so easily burst.


Fold out map from an old guide book to London layered with paint and ink.

old papers : post card, letter, dictionary page, receipt, notarized document, calling card,  school copy book.

Stone angels : collage

Seen and Highgate cemeteries inspired these pieces.


Inspired by a trip to Kensal Green Cemetery. A trio of stone angels, still and beautiful, adorned by lichen and moss. collage stone angel 1vintage sheet music, old plans, copper bird

collage stone angel 2


Old text, a receipt for le champs elysees and copper wings.



OlOld French receipt, purple crown, copper wings, moss green patina

Spare parts…just in case

shadow box angel 3


Spare parts, just in case.