BELLE-MÈRE: reversed transfer collage

Voici ma belle-mère.

Muguette Renaud Millette.

Belle. Mère. Grand-mère. Jamais oubliée.

Bonne fête des mères.


Ephemère :  page d’un cahier scolaire,  page d’un dictionnaire français,  lettre ancienne,  carte de restaurant , photo de ma belle-mère.



Coeur de Mère : crackle paste collage

Coeur de Mère

Pour Isabelle….solidarité, tendresse, tristesse, amitié, douleur, espoir




Experimenting with Golden crackle paste, modelling paste, image transfer and tissue paper.


MOTHER : collage

Old family photos and keepsakes languishing in the bottom drawer, treasured yet rarely viewed. With a little imagination and some help from Photoshop, you can easily create something worth hanging on your wall that has meaning for you.Image

My mother and her pal at 8 years old in 1933. In the back ground I layered a picture of my great grandmother’s house from the turn of the century with two pages from my mother’s autograph book from 1937.  One page from her own mother and one from her pal Mae.  I decided to chop the photo to allow the word mother to peek through. There are in fact the three generations of mothers represented here.  I scanned all the  documents so I did not actually chop the photo and still have all the original family documents.

My grandmother’s message to my mother 

Dear Shirley,

You will pass through this world but once. Therefore any good that you can do or any kindness that you can show to any person, do it now. Do not defer it nor neglect it. For you will not pass this way again.



My mother at aged 21. My father was courting her. He loved this picture and kept it on his night stand all through their married years. In the background I layered a letter he wrote her during their courtship with a picture of my father and his cousin building the house that was to become our family home. This piece represents both my parents and our family home. I use Photoshop Elements to layer pictures and text. I like that I can choose the opacity and light in the layering.