Pigeon de Paris

Perché sur le pavé, il est parfait, ce pigeon de Paris.

collage art

The ephemera: hand made paper from 1899 ledger; original French document 1879; original vintage mail sticker; high quality reproduction of natural history image of pigeon

Size : small 5 inches square



Winter Raven

There were a million reasons to stay for the winter but still he hankered for the south with it’s warmth and sunshine. He left a quick note and was off, just like that, decision made. encaustic collage

The ephemera: antique French letter from 1800s; Map from 1921 atlas,  old label from tool chest, vintage stamps and high quality copy of natural history illustration of a raven.

Size: 7 inches square, encaustic wax on wooden block.

Octopus En Route

Pacific Octopus, en route! On his way! Coming soon! In transit! Delivering! Dashed off! In the post! Expedited!

octopus collage

The ephemera:  Map from 1933 Atlas; original French legal document 1878; original vintage stamp; original vintage registered mail sticker; original chapter label; high quality reproduction of natural history illustration of an  octopus.

Size: 5 inches square    SOLD at the teeny tiny Art Show .

oFISHal mail

Official transport services:  Lyon Vaise Registered Fish.

fish collage

The ephemera: original document from 1800s France; original registered mail sticker France; original bus ticket England; original vintage stamp New Zealand, Original Atlas Map of Europe 1930s; high quality reproduction of natural history fish illustration on 100 % rag paper.

Size: 5 inches by 5 inches on wooden block

SOLD at the teeny tiny art show


“I am going to America”

he declared, as he ran off to join the circus.

“He’ll be back” she said.

“Just you wait and see!

“America is no place for Elephant to be.”

SOLD ( at Visions Artists Studio Tour)

off to americaThe ephemera: original map of north america from old atlas, reproduction of natural history illustration of an elephant, original vintage stamp.

size: 5 inches by 6 inches on wooden block