Monsieur Octopus

Monsieur Octopus was extending his tentacles out into the world.


monsieur octopus

Size 5.5 inches by 6 inches

The ephemera: original vintage map; Original vintage document; post mark from 1964; vintage bus ticket Cardiff; vintage stamps from New Zealand and Barbados.

Par avion

Il s’en va au nouveau monde pour faire fortune.

Un dernier regard en arrière avant de partir.

Espoir et regrets se lisent sur son visage.

Par avion…pour de bon!


The ephemera : reproductions of vintage air mail stickers, old map, natural history image of owl and original vintage airmail stamp.


Freshly picked flowers,

favorites, for her mother.

She can not wait to see

the joy they will bring,

Love is in the small things,

everyday gestures of kindness and regard.

The ephemera: reproductions of vintage portrait and antique botanical illustration. Original antique document from 1853, original vintage stamp.