Travelling onwards, leaving the past behind them. No more bills, no more commitments, no more hoarding, no more secrets…Nevermore. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: old love letter from 1800s, old dictionary page (hoarder), old mechanical manual page; reproductions of old sheet music cover, old French pharmacy label, ancienne facture, old sheet music and autograph page from my grandmother to my mother; reproductions of natural history illustrations, vintage train clock and old map of London; various decorative papers; a variety of vintage numbers both original and reproductions.

12 inches by 24 inches by 2 inches wooden cradle.



London Gentlemen’s Club : assemblage

They went down to London to spend a few days at the Club.

The East India Club, number 16 Saint-James’s Square.

Away from the the toils and trials  of country life

Was  the motive one of pure pleasure: reading, gaming, brandy?

Or was there something more shifty, more sinister, afoot?



the ephemera: page from a french school copy book 1889, faded green soft book cover on sides of box, weathered paper, vintage bottle label.

the found objects : stickmen from previous post, red clay poker chip, old black game dice, wooden checker pieces, spectacles, and small bottle of ochre china paint powder.

the library at the east india club  (just for fun)


TIME FLIES : collage

My, my how time flies!

A raven, from his perch on the tube  station clock pours over the London map of poverty. Is he choosing where best to find plunder or is he pondering where to settle into new digs.


Perhaps he has learnt to cultivate that slight hint of fustiness in his manner.

(that line is for you Wayne’s Radios)

Flea Market Finds for the studio

My last trip to Paris and London was over a year ago now…sigh. Nottinghill , Spitalfields, Bricklane, St. Ouen, Vanves...double sigh.

Ah the treasures we find at the flea market! Somethings made it home, some did not.


Ma boutique préférée à St. Ouen : Tombées du Camion...le paradis!


Can one have too many antique bird cages?  I think not.


Some things made it home: old love letters from 1901, legal documents on parchment from the 1800s, old keys, escutcheons, doll eye balls, old house numbers, a wooden spool and a printers tray and some wooden letters.


Some things did not make it home: a old prosthetic leg attached to rather large underpants.

and a valise chockablock full of taxidermy ducklings.


They really wanted to come to Canada but hélàs no room!

Speech Bubbles: London: mixed media collage

All those souls, past and present, jumbled together in that glorious monster of a city that is London. Their thoughts, hopes and dreams rising  from the Thames like bubbles so easily burst.


Fold out map from an old guide book to London layered with paint and ink.

old papers : post card, letter, dictionary page, receipt, notarized document, calling card,  school copy book.


The flotsam and jetsam of everyday life from the past are nestled in antique printer’s trays ( brought home gleefully from London’s Portobello Road Market ) . Artfully displayed supplies inspire creativity: optical lenses, transistors, frozen charlottes, keys, stamps, eyeballs, teeth, legs, buttons, typewriter keys, tiny house numbers, gears, watch faces, dominoes, teeny tiny light bulbs, a rat’s skull …endless possibilities.



A raven, a tapir and a beetle: collage

A raven in London: Perhaps Poe’s raven lamenting Lenore on vintage type writer keys….or one of the tower ravens calling “Off with her head” as he perches precariously on a bend in the Thames.


collage crow_nA tapir in Paris: poised on the Périphérique, waiting to take his turn in the complicated gamethat is played there while busy body bees hover above.

collage tapir

I love the BEATLES: All you need is love over Lucy in the Sky with diamonds. Digital collage: old maps, vintage game board, old papers, natural history illustrations, old type writer key illustration.

collage beetle