Crow Borg

He would not be assimilated…no matter what the Queen said.

SOLD ūüôā at the Fall Studio Tour

Crow Borg

The ephemera: Original Ledger Page from 1916; images from 1902 catalogue; photograph of a crow.

The found objects: old stop watch movement; antique royal typewriter bits; vintage wooden chess pawn; antique key; vintage drawer pull.

Size: 7 inches by 7 inches

Le Départ

Ils ¬†partent √† la recherche d’une meilleure vie.

Le pas lourd, ils s’en vont, le regard fix√© vers le futur.

crow collageThe  ephemera: old map of Ontario, Canada; high quality reproduction of Natural history illustration of a crow.

Size: 12 by 20 inches on wooden block

Un Cadeau pour Louise.


Travelling onwards, leaving the past behind them. No more bills, no more commitments, no more hoarding, no more secrets…Nevermore.¬†OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: old love letter from 1800s, old dictionary page (hoarder), old mechanical manual page; reproductions¬†of old sheet music cover, old French pharmacy label, ancienne facture, old sheet music and autograph page from my grandmother to my mother; reproductions of natural history illustrations, vintage train clock and old map of London; various decorative papers; a variety of vintage numbers both original and reproductions.

12 inches by 24 inches by 2 inches wooden cradle.



Four Colly Birds

Four Colly Birds

Three French Hens

Two Turtle Doves

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

four colly birds


The ephemera: natural history image of blackbird, old sheet music, christmas postmark

NB :In researching “Calling Birds” I discovered that ¬†in the older versions ¬†of the song¬†The twelve days of Christmas , it is four Colly Birds referring to blackbirds but it has been changed in the modern version of the song to four Calling Birds.


DAUGHETER’S DENDRITES: digital collage

Zo√© Portejoie….tu nous apportes de la joie,,,mais ce n’est pas du tout √† cause de ta beaut√© √©blouissante…mais non, c’est surtout √† cause de ton esprit g√©n√©reux,¬†de ton coeur tendre et de tes pens√©es r√©fl√©chies.


GIFTED to Joeydaughter's dendrites creartfuldodger collage


The ephemera: photo portrait, old French receipt, tree in winter.  black birds in flight.

Black bird stock photos found here:


All is not well with the appareil respiratoire.

It is clogged, the pressure is building, something is going to blow.

Just breathe.  Slowly.  In and out, in and out .

You¬†will be fine….or not.

Appareil Respiratoire collage creartful dodger

The ephemera: photo of old smoke stacks, page from a cahier scolaire from 1889, natural history photos of crows and ravens, a fragment from an old receipt,  reproduction of a vintage gage. Encaustic Wax as a top coat.

Size 7 inches by 7 inches on wooden block


THIS END UP : encaustic collage

 Art Theft

UP date. This art work was downloaded and marketed on Amazon without my knowledge or permission. This is my copyrighted original artwork.  I have not authorized anyone else to sell or market my artwork. Please do not support the 7 sellers on Amazon currently profiting from my work.


This end up! Fragile! Caution! Do not shake!

SOLD (at Bound to be Different)

creartful dodger collage this end up brid collage


The ephemera: old letter, vintage house number, water tower, old postal label, natural history photo of a raven, photo of a tree in winter, encaustic wax.

7″ by 7″ on wooden block.




The steamer trunk is all neatly packed with all essentials necessary for the transatlantic voyage. She carefully affixes the tags to her luggage. The crows foot is for good luck. Will it arrive safely? Will she? §OLD




Ephemera: handmade paper, cigar label, poison labels and reproductions of vintage calling card for a corset company in Marseille; a postcard of La Grande Roue, Paris, an old photo; an old map; a ticket for the launch of the TItanic; vintage postal label.


Alors vous voulez des choux à la crème?

C’est d√©cid√©! Chez Odette √† Paris.

Apr√®s tout, c’est leur sp√©cialit√©.

Mais vous manquez votre coup.

Les corbeaux sont arrivés avant vous.

Ils vont s√Ľrement vous ¬†d√©rober!






7 inches square on wooden block.

WATER TOWER : collage

A crow at work. Watching from the Water tower. Checking on the gauges. All systems ready to go. SOLD




This is number one in a series of three mixed media collages called “A MURDER OF CROWS”. ¬†Probably one of the greatest collective nouns around A MURDER. It is right up there with A GAGGLE! ¬†Flock and School just fade in comparison really.

THE BORROWER: shadow box

The borrower swoops in to make off with your most prized possessions…the love letter from Berthe; your best horse’s tooth; your tiniest poison bottles; your magic crystal; your old tv tubes. He gleefully watches over them with a lock and key and waits, for your back to turn, so he can return to scamper off with more treasures for his hoard.

GIFTED to Robert


Big shadow box (13″ X 13″). (SOLD)


DETAILS: poison bottles, crystal, lock and key, t.v. tubes, watch front, a gauge, watch parts, old horse tooth, antique clock gears, an old tap, a label from a bottle of  Chateau Neuf du Pape, a 1908 French love letter from Berthe,  the ace of spades, an old slide ruler, an old French receipt from a Parisian chemist lab and a French document from 1794.

shelves 2 shelves

I must admit that this piece is somewhat autobiographical….

NEWS FLASH: This piece was chosen as one of three out of more than 100 entries in the CVAC Spring Art Show by judges to have a jury talk and won one of the BEST IN SHOW awards. Apparently it will go off with the others on a tour of other galleries in the area before returning home to roost.

For the birds : encaustic collage



There goes the neighbourhood…. again. A crowd of crows, watching, a watch-faced moon. A crowd of houses, numbered, oddly. Who would live here?

NB:¬†Having gifted the original “There goes the neighbourdhood” to a dear friend. I missed it and decided to rework it, this time encased in ¬†encaustic wax, and rename it “for the birds”.¬†

A CROW IS NOT A BIRD: encaustic collage

A Crow is not a bird Benoit  (Bella)

Mesmerized by the moon, enshrouded in the mist can he read between the lines.





The ephemera: old manuscripts from the 1800’s, a handwritten love letter, a map of manhattan, an old ledger page, an old recipe, a vintage post card, an old seal and a black bird.