Crow Conspirators

The crow-conspirators were up to something….but what?


Crow-conspirators 10 inches by 10 inches 150 CAD

Encaustic Collage

The ephemera: Map of the Heavens from 1930s; Photos of crows; vintage photo of girl.

Size 10 inches by 10 inches


Pink Run

Early September, time for the Pinks to run. She was off to join the others, to swim up stream. Watch out for the hipster waders, at the river mouth, with their nets and rods, they may not know about catch and release.


The ephemera: Original book page; antique French document from 1800s, hand made pulpy paper and reproduction of natural history illustration of a pink salmon.

Size: 5 inches square


Here Spotty! Here Spotty!   they called.

Spot did not respond. He was pretending to be a fossil on the ocean bed.


The ephemera: Reproduction of natural history illustration of a fish; old school book page from 1800s on fossils;  old calligraphy book page; hand made dark paper.

Size: 5 inches square