Moto Metro

Motoring in the Metro on his Motorcycle. Pourquoi pas? SOLD 🙂

The ephemera: Original Vintage Map of Paris Metro; original vintage stamp; high quality reproduction of natural history image of an owl, an antique motorcycle and a French document from the 1800s.

Size: 7 inches square

Cycling to the Seaside

Cycling to the seaside on a fine summer’s day. Is there any better way to spend the time of day.


The ephemera: Original antique map from Dutch School Atlas; original vintage stamp; high quality reproduction of vintage image of seagull, vintage bicycle and old church ledger from Halifax.

L’hotel de ville

Monsieur Corbeau hopped on his bike and hurried on his way. He was off to l’Hotel de Ville.  Monsieur le Maire  had things to answer for, and Monsieur Corbeau was not going to mince his words.


Hotel de Ville

The ephemera: Vintage French letter from 1902; vintage UK bus ticket, match book cover from Vegas; old ledger page from 1936, vintage illustration of bicycle; vintage illustration of raven.

Size: 7 inches square