Junk drawers: shadow boxes

In the junk drawer: a watch face, a vial, the letter W, a dice, a key, a tiny sea urchin, gears, a gasket, a type writer key and a lost girl. (SOLD)

shadow box creartful dodger

In the junk drawer: , a chess piece, a dice, some watch parts, a circus ticket, a stamp with hitler on it, a key, a transitor, a bus ticket, some typewriter parts, an old love letter, a SOS from the Titanic and the borrowers of course. (SOLD)

shadow box borrowers


In the junk drawer: a watch face and parts, a broken pottery bit from france, a food token from world war II, the number 7, a thimble, an egg, a key, a crown, a shiny trinket and the magpie that colllected them all. (SOLD)

shadow box thief


Stone angels : collage

Seen and Highgate cemeteries inspired these pieces.


Inspired by a trip to Kensal Green Cemetery. A trio of stone angels, still and beautiful, adorned by lichen and moss. collage stone angel 1vintage sheet music, old plans, copper bird

collage stone angel 2


Old text, a receipt for le champs elysees and copper wings.



OlOld French receipt, purple crown, copper wings, moss green patina

Spare parts…just in case

shadow box angel 3


Spare parts, just in case.



What’s your number?: collage


What's your number?


vintage house numbers, digital photos, old papers

Inspired by a trip to London and Paris I became entranced with the variety of beauty of house numbers and took many pictures…I layered them with old text and added some vintage house numbers from the local junk shop. I included the age and birthdates of my children, Sherlock home’s address, and other significant number’s in my life.

Collage/Altered Art


This website is a portfolio of my work in collage and altered art. 
( I usually post once a week on Sundays...but no promises. )
All art work is created by me (Unless otherwise indicated)
and I hold the copyrights
Use of my artwork, without my permission, is prohibited. 

I see beauty in everyday objects from the past and like to re-purpose them in  artful ways in my pieces. A trio of old door knobs, well worn from all that opening and shutting, the patina is perfect.An ordinary document, for the sale of a parcel of land, so beautifully written, on parchment paper.