Surcyclage Cartographique

Surcyclage Cartographique

Une ancienne carte, un vieil atlas, une jolie carte céleste du 19ième, un ancien plan de ville, une carte marine tâchée avec l’usage… de quoi faire rêver !  Tout ceci forme  le matériel de base pour mes œuvres de collage. Elles sont déjà imbibées d’histoire, de vécu, de mystère, d’aventure. Je vous invite à regarder de près et à explorer toutes les surprises dissimulées dans les tableaux.  Allez, réinventez  une nouvelle histoire pour ces anciens documents cartographiques.

*Le surcyclage ou recyclage valorisant consiste à récupérer des matériaux dont on n’a plus l’usage afin de les transformer en produits de qualité, souvent esthétiques.

My new show in Vancouver at the Francophone Cultural Centre feb.24 to march 30.

Upcycling Map Art

Wilma Millette

An old map, a vintage atlas, a lovely star chart from the 1800’s, an antique city plan, a marine chart stained from much use, these all are pleasing to me. They form a large part of the base materials for my collage art work. They come already rich with a past life, with history, mystery and adventure. I invite you to take a closer look and to explore the surprises hidden in each piece. Go ahead; invent a new story for these old maps and charts.

*Up-cycling consists of re-using discarded materials and transforming them into a quality product that is often of aesthetic value.



Now showing at the ARTFUL gallery in Courtney BC as part of the STEAMED PUNK show.

Jan. 11 to Feb. 18

nO TiME LeFt fOR yOu.

The ephemera: original antique documents from the 1800s; muybridge’s girl with baskets, photo of crow, reproduction of vintage clock face

The found objects: original enamel watch faces from the 1800s

Size 12 inches by 12 inches

NiGht tIMe oWl

The ephemera: reproductions of natural history image of owl and vintage clock face, photo of poppy seed head, original documents and receipts form the 1800s.

The found objects: vintage checkers pieces, part of vintage globe.

Size 12 inches by 12 inches


“Pachamama South American Goddess of Fertility, Cultivation and Harvest with the ability to sustain life on Earth.”


The ephemera: original vintage maps, original documents from the 1800s; high quality reproductions of natural history illustrations of leaves and butterfly, original vintage dictionary pages. original vintage nautical charts, vintage post mark.

Size : 24 by 24 inches.

Fine Art Prints Available

Something Bout A Boat

Something bout a boat sitting on the sea

out there on the wind

floating on the free

take you round the world

bring you back home

gives a man hope something about a boat.

The ephemera: original atlas maps, old french documents from the 1800s, tiny vintage flags, ration coupons, vintage stamps.

Size 16 inches by 24 inches.

Parrots Parrots Parrots

‘Can one tire of the beauty of parrots do think Pip? ‘ she sighed.

‘ I don’t see how Ariadne old thing, they are just too damned decorative don’t you know? ‘ Pip remarked jauntily.

Parrots in the Conservatory

Parrots in the Conservatory

Parrots in the Greenhouse

Parrots in the Greenhouse

Parrots in the Garden

Parrots in the Garden

The ephemera: original vintage documents from the 1800s; original vintage calligraphy practice; decorative papers; high quality reproductions of antique natural history illustrations of parrots and budgerigars

The Size: 8 inches by 8 inches

Chemistry Crows

Chemistry Crows concocting curious combinations of chemicals…

calculated or chaos?

Experimental Crow
Chemistry Crow SOLD 🙂
Professor Raven

The ephemera: Original Bill Heads and Notary Documents from the 1800s, photos of crows and raven, old chemistry lab illustrations.

The found objects: Antique stop watch parts, old pen nibs, tiny light bulbs, vintage microscope slide, tiny vintage keys, 1925 royal typewriter parts, vintage Celtic pendant.

Size: 8 inches by 8 inches

And Now for Something Completely Different…

Channelling my inner Monty Python. Interactive Collage art on tiny three inch blocks. Vintage Anatomy illustrations on antique papers collaged on four sides of the blocks.



Click on images for close up view.

The ephemera: original vintage papers: ledgers, charts, letters, receipts, manuscripts, plans; high quality reproductions of antique anatomy illustrations.

Size: 3 inches by 3 inches by 1.5 inches.

Starry Night #2

She stared down anyone who dared enter her territory. She was the Queen of the Starry Nights.


Starry Night

The ephemera: original vintage letters, receipts and manuscripts; original vintage star chart from 1944.

The found objects: vintage tart tin, small nest, twigs, quail egg, feathers, poppy seed heads, rusty fleur de lys and antique pen nibs.