The Navigator a Collage Portrait

He was navigating life’s ups and downs with resilience and fortitude.

The Navigator

The ephemera: vintage marine charts, atlas maps and star charts from the early to mid 20th century.

Size: 30 inches by 30 inches on wooden cradle.


6 thoughts on “The Navigator a Collage Portrait

  1. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ! Wow Wilma, what a beautiful creation. Your sense of perspective is unflappable! The shades of paper that you choose to create the shadows on his face and movement in his hair are so captivating. Love the white dots on the paper that look like sprinkles of water as he skiffs across the waves in his 29er on a sunny day. 💗😍

    • Aw, thanks my ever supportive friend….those little whites dots are stars, I used a vintage star chart to give him some ooomph ( bling? highlites? ). Choosing the right colours tricky when you are limited to maps…thanks for noticing the work behind the magic. Working with papers so expertly yourself makes your observations all the more meaningful. Thanks Kelly. xo

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