Bird Girl A Paper Collage Portrait

Savouring the small joys of life.


A Collage Art Portrait fashioned from vintage maps and charts. Find the two humming birds.

Collage Portrait of smiling woman with humming birds by Wilma Millette of creartful dodger on Vancouver Island
Bird Girl 25 by 25 inches


Size 25 by 25 inches

The ephemera: original vintage maps, marine charts, city plans and star charts. High quality reproduction of antique natural history illustrations of humming birds.

8 thoughts on “Bird Girl A Paper Collage Portrait

  1. These portraits are beyond amazing Wilma! How clever to place a hummer in her hairdo. I love her celestial blouse, the planets perfectly look like buttons. It’s really cool investigating the close ups, I’m blown away by her smile. Did you have that little bit of map with Tonga in your art before the volcano blew ?! 💗🥰

    • Hi Kelly
      Thanks so much for encouraging my quirky ways…at first her shoulders were bare but then I decided she needed heavenly clothing, I am glad you like it! Her smile is why I chose her…so much fun to do. Tonga is definitely hidden there, good spotting…it was pre-eruption…how was I to know?
      À plus tard mon oiseau mouche.

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