She steered her little family through many a storm. She guided them through the rough weather and calm waters with love and compassion always staying true to her values.

A special gift for my sister Sandra with much love.

The ephemera: original atlas maps and star charts, original antique letters, receipts and charts.

Size : 22 by 30


10 thoughts on “FAMILY FLEET

    • Yes, all the sails are favorite childhood haunts of my sister and I. Each boat represents a family member…our mother’s hanwritten recipe for roast beef for my sister, a vintage ledger with the have column for her daughter, a vintage lumber tally sheet for her millwright husband etc…Hidden in the waves are places she has visited or lived…Vanuatu, Vancouver Island, Kauai, Costa Rica ….I am glad you like it. It was a labour of love and a testament of my high regard for her. ❀❀❀

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