They were blowing bubbles as they drifted off to sea.

Island Bubbles
BC Bubbles

The ephemera: Original vintage charts from Coastal Waters; vintage atlas maps from 1946; vintage postal cancellation stamps from my mother’s girlhood collection. The top ones are from towns and hamlets on Vancouver Island and the Bottom one from towns around British Columbia.

Size: 7 inches by 7 inches SOLD 🙂


10 thoughts on “OCTOPUS BUBBLES

  1. Clever girl! Love those local mail cancellation stamps. Your mom collected them? How awesome. I get all kinds of mail with uncancelled stamps now? I thought about peeling them off to reuse but wondered if it’s like invisible ink or something, ha! 💛K

    • Haha, I bet you could! Yes my mother collected them as a girl in the thirties and carried on into her late teens. No one else wanted them! Silly them! She had them sorted by country and in Canada by province in a handmade album. So sweet.

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