As the weather turned colder the nesting instinct took over. It was time to hunker down for the long winter months to come.

Nesting under the Poppies.
Nesting between the Poppies. SOLD
Nesting on the Poppies Sold

The ephemera: Original French documents from the 1800s; photos of crows, photos of poppy seed heads from my garden, reproductions of antique nest illustrations.

Size: 8 inches by 8 inches


  1. We went for a walk yesterday and saw three crows in one tree, so I asked Jim, do you know what they call a flock of crows? He knew and said, ‘murrrrder!’ , all spookie like and I repeated it, ‘yes, murrrrder’ , then I immediately looked around to see if anyone might be in earshot ๐Ÿ˜ So now I see your three crows and think, ‘murrrrder’ , lol. You have to say it creepy like Alfred Hitchcock. Lovely work my dear ๐Ÿงก

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