Eye See You

A grouping of Collaged Eyes using original old maps and papers and top coated with cold wax.

Each measures 8 inches by 8 inches.

Orange Eye

Brimming with tears.

Orange Eye

Eye of Venus

Oh baby you’ve got it, you’re my Venus, you’re my fire at your desire.


Eye of Venus


Mirame en los ojos y digame porque….


Starry Eye

Starry-eyed was she, and what, I wonder was the reason. SOLD 🙂

Starry Eye


6 thoughts on “Eye See You

  1. Question, how do you decide if you’re doing a left eye or a right eye? I always love surfing these works to find words and places on the maps. So once you cut into a map or old document , how do you store the bits of pieces? Do you go by size, colour, type ? This is always a challenge in scrapbooking too. I’ve taken to file by collection. Cheer love xoK

    • Left or Right Eye?
      I look at source pictures of eyes that I think will work for this kind of project and then pick which eye that has the expression, light and shadows that please me the most. I don’t even think about left and right…Now I will!
      I spend a lot of time deciding the colours, tones of the maps for a project, but I also try to choose words and or places that intrigue me. This creates a LOT of scrap.
      Filing the left over bits has become super duper tricky and I keep changing my mind. I have at least 35 large vintage atlases. I just keep the uncut maps in each atlas and I used to have one drawer for the bits and pieces… With these new map portraits that is not working at all… just too many precious map pieces. I am currently using 7 large flat stacking cardboard boxes that I use to sort and store according to colour, but I have extra categories like ( the super precious bits category and the marine chart category) I like them sitting open on a shelf so I can rummage around them easily and find the colours and tones I am looking for. This works quite well for finding the maps I need for a given project but by the end of the piece, the scrap ends up all over the floor, table, counter, couch, bathroom? and the entire studio or even house, becomes a huge mess and then I sort them all back into their boxes. I just can’t seem to sort them back as I go because I am too focused on the creative process. I need to find a better way…Any suggestions?

      • Thanks for sharing your current solutions to storage of paper bits. It really is a challenge right? I do tend to spread out too, but not to the bathroom yet, LOL! That’s why I thought I’d pick your brain 😀 Currently, each scrapbook collection I buy gets a clear 12x12x4″ bin, only $4-6 at Michaels. In it goes the paper and all the extra bits like lettering and ephemera. Any bits I’ve cut but have a small piece to save goes into a clear, zippered pouch that I store with the collection. They’re $1 at The Dollar store. If I’ve not purchased a lot of something, I incorporate these 13×13″ white plastic trays I get at The Dollar store for $3.00. I think they’re meant for buffets, but they’re perfect because I can stack work in progress on them too. They’re light and easy to restack when I’m looking for something. I’ve also just ordered and received 13 x 13 heavy plastic envelopes. They’ll fit nicely in my paper cupboard. I label everything with my P-Touch printer. I generally put out everything while I’m working, then have a big clean up before my next project. It can get pretty wild in there, lol!

      • I like the idea of clear pouches and envelopes, I am going to try that for my small stuff like airmile stickers, food stamps, dennison labels…bing! such a sensible idea, thanks Petals.

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