Screetch Owl

On the one year anniversary of the World Wide Pandemic we all be ….like this!


The ephemera: Old Book Cover by Robert Louis Stevenson; Original plate from 1930’s botany book; natural history illustration of an owl; vintage face; vintage postal stamp, vintage post mark 1965 Three Hills Alberta; Muybridge’s dancing lady. Top Coat of cold wax.

Size 5.5 inches by 7 inches


4 thoughts on “Screetch Owl

    • haha..My mother, bless her, collected post marks and this one felt right for my fed up little owl. Post Marks are fascinating. They give the date, place, year and time…I have one that reads Nanaimo BC Dec.24, 1944, 2:15 pm…it makes you wonder…Christmas Eve during wartime…

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