Bigger Birds on Bikes

New set of 4 Bigger Birds on Bikes They measure 10 inches by 10 inches on wooden blocks.



Fleury was in a flurry , in a hurry, time to scurry. The market would be opening soon!


Cycling Over Seas

She was cycling over seas, on her way to the continent with her nest egg in tow.

I went to le Market


I went to the market, mon petit panier sous mon bras and the first girl that I met was la fille d’un avocat. I love you, vous ne m’entendez guΓ¨re. I love you, vous ne m’entendez pas. – Gilles Vigneault.

Grande Culture


Il tournait bien des tΓͺtes lorsqu’il longeait le Boulevard de la LibertΓ©. Il Γ©tait dotΓ© d’une grande culture, respectueux de l’environment, socialement responsable, non-partisan.

10 thoughts on “Bigger Birds on Bikes

  1. You are such a star! I quite fancy that pastel coloured map. I still have hung my birds, gah! The wall I want them on needs a paint touch up which hasn’t gotten done yet. But I’m enjoying them on out built in book shelf, with other art . Rather bohemian, dats how I roll πŸ˜† Hey? Do you watch ‘American Pickers’ ? The host of the show, Mike Wolfe is totally into vintage bikes. I always love when they’re Picken’ a bike because I learn so much. I would die to hit up some of the barns they wander into. They pass a lot of good stuff that I drool over. LOL ❀️

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