The cabinet held more than mere curiosities. There were generations of knowledge languishing here, not quite faded from their collective memory. Frankincense, Myrrh, Quill, Quartz, Poppy, Amber, Bone, Bark, Leaf, Petal, Seed…and more seemingly peculiar potions and remedies of the healing arts. Unbeknownst to them, there would soon come a time where they would be glad of this preserved wisdom.

The found objects: Printers tray, anagram letters, bird bones, bees wax, seed pods, feathers, spool, parchment, deer toe, minerals, frankincense, myrrh, rose petals, vials, antique boxes, lavender, pen quills, antique key, antique medal, horse tooth, chiton, porcupine quills, antique silk, antique nails, spices, antique apothecary labels, sea urchin spines and shell, fish jaw, leaf, quail egg, antique labels, snail shell.


11 thoughts on “Apothecary

  1. All the wonders of the world. All the collective knowledge. All that is good and wonderful and amazing and exciting and uplifting. All this and more, much more. A glorious collection of great importance to the heart and soul. This collection nourishes us in this time of need.Thank You.

  2. Curiouser and curiouser..deer toe and bird bones. Well now, you do find the pretty in the macabre, LOL. I had one of these trays for years and just sold it to a scrappy gal that loves to collect odds and sods. Is this hanging in your creative space Wilma? xK

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