The Anatomy of Loss

Loss comes in many forms and needs to be grieved

but your body can help you through it if you will let it.

Altered Clock Case

Arms for reaching out. Heart for slow beats forward and Lungs for remembering to breathe.

Ear for receiving comfort; Mouth for speaking your truth; Eyes for looking forward to a new path.

Bones for Strength; Spine for bending without breaking.

Brain for looking for the gifts that often come with loss.

Loss in its many forms: represented by these beautifully disintegrating vintage photographs.

The ephemera: Original ledger pages from 1917; Complete Notarized document page from 1868; high quality reproductions of antique anatomy illustrations; damaged vintage photos; old encyclopedia pages.

The found objects: antique clock case; old kodak slide boxes; altoid tin; vintage red ten; various other vintage boxes; antique optical lens; vintage toy blocks.

This one was a labour of love.


9 thoughts on “The Anatomy of Loss

  1. Not surprised to find this is a labor of love – poignant and striking.
    The circular image inset in the pediment — a face superimposed on an old map, but also branches? or veins that appeared on an old photo?
    In any case, really memorable.

    • Thanks Robert…it is a vintage photo from the 20s superimposed on John Booth’s London Map of poverty and winter tree branches…. I do not do things by halves. hahaha. I am glad you like it…it is special to me. 😘

    • Thank you….people bring me things, i do vintage and antique fairs and shops, I bring back things when I travel and I buy online….it is very time consuming but a big part of the fun…I spent three entire days taking a part an old broken royal typewriter that my husband found discarded on a job site. 😁😁😁

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