Raven Calling

Raven is calling, you can hear the clicks as he croaks out his message: See Warning A. Disused Ammunition Dump.  Bertha Island. Fog Sig. Pirate Rock. The warning is clearly encrypted, but as you well know, when Raven calls, you had better listen carefully.


collage art work

Raven Calling

The ephemera: Vintage Marine Chart 3590 belonging to my father; photograph of a raven printed on 100 percent rag paper; high quality reproduction of type writer keys.

The found objects: vintage rotary telephone dial; vintage red light bulb; antique key hole; vintage watch casing;  tiny vintage watch gear; old parts from a 1920’s royal typewriter; vintage fishing lure attachment; vintage red cross pin.

Size: 9 inches by 12 inches on wooden cradle

16 thoughts on “Raven Calling

  1. Ha ha! I love this, Wilma! That is hilarious and brilliant and beautiful!
    I still have some stamps to give you sometime this summer

    • Thanks Karen. I am hanging a solo show at Coffee on the Moon in Duncan on Wed. We could meet there sometime for a cuppa and a visit or you are always welcome to come for a visit here at the house. 😘😘

  2. Beautiful piece, love this absolutly, excellent work…you should have retired years ago. Love, hugs and kisses

    • Thanks Robert..mon frere Jack est arrivé avec une pile de cartes marines qui appartenaient à mon père…les détailles sont extraordinaires…en voici le résultat….merci pour ton soutient. Hugs and kisses back at you beau frère.

  3. Wow, this is a terrific piece, really love it.
    On the other hand, despite the Red Cross pin, I’m not so sure I’d trust that raven, they’re known to be tricksters, and an odd look in his eye.

  4. You’re amazing, Wilma. I’m aways intrigued by your work and the way your mind pulls things together. I did a little mental “yikes” at the idea of an ammunition dumping area. We’ve learned so much and have come so far. What a clever piece, made all the more wonderful since you could incorporate a piece from your dad. xo

    • Thank you Alys. this was a fun one for me. That Ammunition Dumping Ground is near an old American Naval Base in our waters. We were always to give it a wide berth as they did lots of testing there, mid to late 20th century…seems strange to me.

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