Under Starry Skies

Under starry skies,

He sat and contemplated life.

He let go of the lies.

He let go of the strife.

Now wiser than before,

Ready to face the night,

once more.



The ephemera: Original French Document from 1822; Original star chart from 1933; high quality reproduction of a natural history illustration of an owl.

Found objects: bird’s nest; twiggy branch.

Size: 14 by 16 inches

12 thoughts on “Under Starry Skies

  1. Hi Wilma! I wanted to skip by and see what beautiful you has been creating! It’s amazing to me how ephemera from years, decades and centuries apart come together so beautifully with your artistry. The star chart is especially fetching. The look reminds me a little of the Roman Catholic figures in my dads church. Their halo’s are painted in the same fashion around the heads of angels. xo K

    • Thanks for skipping by. I am glad it brought back memories for you. It was hard to use the star chart…i had been hanging on to it for a few years but it seemed perfect for this owl. I am glad you like ths piece my friend.

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