Murder Mystery: Peril at End House

Nick Buckley, the young and reckless mistress of End House, she tried to shrug off three near escapes from violent death. Were these accidents or attempted murder? Hercule Poirot felt a thrill of fear, no motive, no motive, yet someone had tried to kill not once but three times!  – Agatha Christie

Number 4 in the murder mystery.



The ephemera: Vintage portrait, photo of a flower, vintage photo of ivy covered house, original old documents  from 1900.

9 thoughts on “Murder Mystery: Peril at End House

      • Last week I was thrilled to discover a documentary on Agatha Christie’s life. She was an amazing woman and changed the style of writing of mystery fiction. A woman ahead of her time. Definitely leading the pack!

  1. Excellent! Pretty obvious motive, though – – butlers cannot tolerate a mistress sporting “spit curls” on her cheek, in this lovely gothic house, we brook no truck with such Jazz Age déclassé nonsense. Sorry, but she must die.

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