Right Brain/Left Brain

Right Brain, Left Brain and never the two shall meet…or so it seemed, politically speaking.  So just to be safe, he cleft them in twain and stored them for a later, more enlightened time. He truly was…a really stable genius.



The ephemera:  Original vintage atlas map; high quality reproduction of phrenology heads and antique plinths.

Size: 8 inch square on wooden block

8 thoughts on “Right Brain/Left Brain

  1. I’m trying to decide whether this is an homage to our current president’s claim to be a ‘Stable Genius’ and a subliminal suggestion that only a madman would make such a statement. Or, perhaps, is it a tongue-in-cheek commentary on being of two-minds as seen through the eyes of a psychopath who tucks actual brains into boxes to store in the cellar!? Or, maybe, I’m thinking too hard and I need to just lighten up?

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