Parapluie Rouge

Jour de pluie, je m’ennuie,

mais mon parapluie, lui,

me donne envie

de sortir de ma coquille.


Collage artwork

The ephemera:  Original Documents: old dictionary page,  old red calligraphy, city plan from the 1930s, french legal document from the 1800s.  Photos of a red umbrella and a crow printed on 100 % rag photo paper.

The found object: little antique key

Size: 10 inches square on wooden cradle

15 thoughts on “Parapluie Rouge

  1. I find it interesting that you gravitate to crows so often in your work. Do they have a special meaning for you? I’ve been watching the feeder today. Lot’s of activity and chirping. I just love to hear those chirps! xk

    • Chirps are good, a promise of spring. I think I like crows and ravens for several reasons…1. Artistically, I like the strong black colour and sleek silouhette, it works well in so many compositions. 2. I like the symbolism: menace, curiosity, foreboding, female power, magic and mystery 3. I think I am some what of a magpie crow myself, as I collect all the odd found objects for my artwork and hoard them in my nest of a studio.

  2. Well, for me the umbrella means protection and shelter and red is warning and danger. The crow in my pieces usually represents myself as I am a collector of flotsam and jetsam. I made this piece at a vulernable time. I usually like to leave interpretation up to the viewer as you can read many things into my pieces. šŸ˜ƒ

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