Defender of the deep, he had eight arms to protect his ocean home. Do not mess with Monsieur Pieuvre.


The ephemera: natural history image of an octopus; original chart from old French school book

The found objects: vintage house number; clock hand; antique doll’s eye; Old watch movements and casing; old washer and a vintage coocoo clock part and some teeny, tiny vintage watch gears.

Size 7 inches square

17 thoughts on “Eight

  1. Another winner! This is such a wonderful series, Wilma.
    And thank you for a fantastic workshop last month – I still can’t believe I made the collages πŸ™‚
    But it’s impossible to not make something beautiful with your skills to guide me and the incredible ephemera you made available.
    I love seeing your post on Sundays. Thank you!

  2. I love this one. Some years ago, my youngest brother came to be associated with octopuses and that led my siblings and I to seek out any and all octopus items and take photos of them and tag them as our brother online. As a result, I have found myself drawn to octopus things.

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