Mechanical Blackbird

Blackbird repaired his broken wing and learned to fly again, learned to be so free.


The ephemera: original French document from 1800s; original vintage catalogue illustration; high quality reproduction of natural history image of blackbird.

The found objects: small key; two wooden gears; vintage watch and clock parts; typewriter striker key from 1920’s Royal Typewriter

Size: 7 inches square

Available for purchase at Two Hoots Gallery in Cobble Hill BC

6 thoughts on “Mechanical Blackbird

  1. And I started singing “black bird singing in the dead of night , take these broken wings and learn to fly. All your life, you were only waiting for the moment to arise.” Your incredible creations have me bursting into song. Cheers Virginia

  2. I love this! Their singing isn’t the most musical, but I’ve always liked blackbirds, ravens and crows – they’re pretty clever and interesting. Even if most don’t figure out uses for typewriter parts!! 🙂

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