Lemony Bastarda

He was beautiful with his lemony yellow allure; but there was no doubt about it, he was a bastard; and she knew it. SOLD 😁

Yellow bastarda

The ephemera: Reproduction of Natural History illustration of a fish; old book page; decorative paper; antique french document from the 1800s.

Size: 5 inches square.


12 thoughts on “Lemony Bastarda

  1. πŸ™‚ I was actually working on a fishy collage this weekend myself and the fish in question looked so grouchy…I was thinking of titling the piece “Grumpy Old Bastard”…he really did look like a sour old puss.

  2. Ha! πŸ™‚ Beautiful collage and color, though. When I searched under “lemonfish,” the computer found a type of coral reef grunts, and one relative was called The Sordid Rubberlip (Plectorhinchus sordidus), so the whole family is no good

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