Peacock in New York City

He was proud as a peacock, whizzing around New York City on his new bike. It’s handy basket, perfect for picking up all manner of provisions.

Peacock in New York

The ephemera: Vintage map of New York City; vintage natural history illustration of peacock; vintage bicycle image; old French letter from 1852; vintage stamps from Finland.

Size: 7 inches square

GIFTED to Patricia 🙂

7 thoughts on “Peacock in New York City

  1. That’s one talented peacock. I like your bicycle series, Wilma. Do you get more time in your art room when your school year is out, or do you spend just as much time traveling and catching up?

    • Hi Alys Thanks. more birds on bikes on the way. Yes I definitely have more time in the Art Studio during my breaks, but summer is so lovely that it is mostly in the evenings. I am also busy giving workshops this summer so that makes me stay organised! Hope you are enjoying the summer as well. That kitten of yours is so adorable!

      • You’re a natural teacher, Wilma, so it makes sense that you would use those skills to hold workshops during the summer. I’m glad, too, that you are enjoying your outdoors, traveling, and still finding time to create art. It’s all fabulous. Our kitten has been a gift to us all. She’s a gem. Thank you!

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