Fish according to Hoyle

He had read all the rules, and according to Hoyle, he had played his cards right.

So why was he still playing the field? Why was still going home alone every night?

He looked like an angel with his colours so bright.

I guess he had just not got the point of the game quite right.

SOLD ( at Bound to be Different)

The ephemera: Torn Spine from Card Game Rules By Hoyle; original French legal document from 1800’s; original vintage book page on design and drafting; high quality copy of natural history image of an angel fish.

Size: small 5 inches square on wooden block


8 thoughts on “Fish according to Hoyle

    • Thank you Alys, This was a book of card games and rules that I inherited from my dear Aunt, We used to play card games all the time in big family groups at parties. My Aunt always referred to Hoyle’s rules to reign in the cheaters. I do miss those days and her. πŸ™‚ I think she would like me using the old worn book for art work. I hope Hoyle would too.

  1. Wow! Beautiful works! I love how you use the old as the background for your visual stories. How you incorporate it and manipulate with it. Very inspiring! I love your header illustration: the one with houses and ravens: captivating in such a subtle and elegant way!

    • Thank you for the specific feedback, it is helpful and nice to hear. The header image is a favorite that I ended up gifting to a friend. I am so glad that you like it. 😊

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