Murder Mystery: Death in the Clouds

Death in the Clouds. Madame Giselle, a famous French money lender, is found dead in her seat on a flight from Paris to Croydon. Was it a wasp sting, that proved fatal or something more sinister at play?

Agatha Christie SOLD😁

The ephemera: Vintage church registry from Halifax; old mugshot; vintage aviation photo; vintage airmail sticker, natural history illustration of bees

Size : 5 inches square on wooden block

12 thoughts on “Murder Mystery: Death in the Clouds

  1. Interesting in terms of aviation history (I guess this is not what you are really interested in here, but it is an aspect of this object 🙂 ). According to what is written there, it is a Voisin airplane, and obviously a military version from WW I (with a machine gun. The pushing propeller, as seen here, is typical of some Voison and Farmann airplanes (and a few others, including the original Wright flyer).
    Besides that, a beautiful and interesting piece again.

    • Interesting. This copyrught free image comes from the public commons collection of L’université de Caen. I was drawn to it and others in their collection, including some zeppelins and hot air balloons. Thanks for the info and compliment. 😊

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