Murder Mystery: Evil Under The Sun

Auburn-haired, sun-bronzed, Arlena Marshall lay on the beach, dead. So many people could have killed her. Any one of them had, or thought they had reason to kill her. That was the day we spoke of evil, evil under the sun. Enter Hercule Poirot and his little grey cells.

Agatha Christie

The ephemera: vintage dictionary page , vintage photo reproduction, snippet from vintage map,  vintage registered mail sticker, vintage poison label, vintage game piece.

Size: 5 inches square on wooden block

6 thoughts on “Murder Mystery: Evil Under The Sun

  1. I was just now about to post, but then I saw a (thumbnail?) of this. Suits me fine. This is another winner. He’s handsome. Not a mug-shot this time, however. I’m not entirely sure what a ‘mage’ is, but it’s sufficiently similar to, well, MAGIC, so, I’ll not ask The Google to tell me something about it. I see your, ah, imprimatur there. May I ask, which is the software, if any, you use to do that? I’ve tried to make The Photoshop do that, but it seems to me that Adobe Systems don’t want that s__t to be simple.

    • Hi there
      Mage is a typo…read map…oops, I will correct that. Wifi is iffy down here in Costa Rica. If by imprimatur you mean my watermark…I use Adobe photoshop elements to layer that in to the picture. Glad that you like this one.

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