Roman policer: la plume empoisonnée

Elle s’est suicidée, c’est une de ces saletés de lettres anonymes!

On peut dire qu’on l’y a forcée à l’aide de cette plume empoisonnée.

Arrive l’intrépide Miss Marple.

Agatha Christie

The ephemera: vintage atlas map 1933; vintage poison labels, reproduction of vintage mugshot, vintage game piece.

7 thoughts on “Roman policer: la plume empoisonnée

  1. You find the most flattering mug shots. I mean, who’d’ve guessed? Look at her! That visage could be a cameo, really. I asked The Google to tell me what “veneno” means; I had figured it was Italian…is Spanish tho(?) And that Scrabble pieces just seals the deal; completes the montage. I love that montage, if I can rememember…The Agatha Christie bit perplexes me…who is suicidal? You? Someone else? Is it something to make the post intriguing? -Robert

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