Expédition en Australie

Flying in the face of convention she floated off to Australia.

Flora furtively flitted among the flowers and ferns down under.

Flora’s “idée fixe” was finding the perfect specimen for her fine collection. SOLD 😁

Assemblage or Shadow Box.

Flora’s treasures.

flora’s specimens

Flora and her tools of the trade.

Flora and the tools of her trade

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The ephemera: antique French document from 1889; reproduction of antique mugshot, defunct Canadian Passport, tiny vintage envelope, snippet from a vintage dictionary page, vintage map from 1921, antique graph from French school book 1848.

The found objects: antique wire eye glasses frame, vintage slide ruler, antique metal pin, dried poppy seed head, wasps nest, antique microscope slides, antique nail silk thread, vintage tart tin, amber with insect bits,  antique optical lens, a bit of mica, vintage vial with watch parts, teeny tiny coconut, seed pods from Costa Rica,  dried carnation found in 1925 dictionary, flicker feather, small vintage boxes and a vintage cigar box.

Size 9 by 18 when box is open.


21 thoughts on “Expédition en Australie

  1. Beautiful creations, Frenchy, good job! There’s something spellbinding about the wasps’ nest. Can’t remember the last time I personally saw one; it may have been decades ago.

  2. I really like how you list the found objects at the bottom of the post and I love how in this one there was the dried carnation found in the pages. I have been wanting to explore collages for a while … have had a few false starts. I was in a Senior Secondary School in Melbourne which specialises in the Arts and Technology. We also have post secondary courses some of which are art and design courses. One particular year long course called CREATE does a project using collage. It is really interesting that the teachers say the students work seems to really take off after that project. I think because the students begin to think about the concepts and messages behind their work. I am glad Discover featured your great blog and lovely work. Louise

    • Yes, collage has freed me to get better at composition and design. I think it is the playfulness of the medium. Best of luck and thanks for all the comments and likes. I enjoyed reading about your adventures. W.

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