Sibylla’s Collection

A Commission piece for Sibylla: cycling, skiing and travel all in a collection.

The Nine Tiles are placed in an angled  frame without sides. they can be moved around as suits Sibylla’s whim. Each tile has it’s own composition but is part of the whole piece.

The ephemera: old travel hotel labels, vintage images of bicycles, 100 year old French letter, vintage air mail stickers, old maps, family photos, old lift tickets, vintage travel tickets, patents for ski equipment, image of vintage wooden skis, maps of ski hill, vintage world atlas maps, vintage German world clock poster old Eiffel tower poster.

Size: each tile 5 inches square, entire collection 15 inches square.


18 thoughts on “Sibylla’s Collection

  1. Omgosh, that looks fantastic and such a lot of creating. Did it take a long time to pick out everything to go together so perfectly? Love the world map and the colours in the vintage photo of the gal with the bike. I used to love those tile games as a kid that had you move parts up, down and sideways to put in the right order……is that frame like that? Cheers and Congratulations on your commission. How was your event last weekend? xk

    • Yes the frame is just like that game and that is how I came up with the idea for these collections. I have done several. It took ages to do this piece because she wanted family photos in it. That is her on the bicycle, I had to vintafy them. My new word FYI. But she is a lovely person so I did not mind the work. She is happy with it. My event went super well, the Gallery phoned this afternoon to tell me that I sold all of my pieces and they want six more asap….no pressure! LOL. I am in the studio slogging away. ๐Ÿ™‚

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