Love in a Mist



It is truly hard to resist!

Perhaps Alys will remember, with pleasure, her stay,

And return again one fine day.


Gifted to Alys of  Gardening Nirvana



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ephemera: original seed packet label for Nigelle aka Love in a Mist 1900; original airmail sticker, original vintage stamp, original blue denison label, original document from 1811; photograph of a peacock; original war ration stickers from 1944 France; vintage book cover.


13 thoughts on “Love in a Mist

  1. What a great collage and blue tones really give it such depths. And thank you becuase I finally realized that it was your flying fish collage who inspired me the draw a flying fish! xo Johanna

  2. Hi W! How sweet to gift dear Alys. Of course I think the colours are perfect. It amazes me, the original paper items you find. I mean ‘paper’, fragile ‘paper’. What? Do people stick these things in drawers and leave them for 100 years? I remember as a kid, finding a really old catalogue in an abandoned house. It was like they closed the door and forgot to come back. Almost a time capsule. We didn’t take anything because it wasn’t ours to take. My dad knew who used to live there, a one room shack really. I don’t really remember, but I think they may have passed away and had no family to dispose of personal things. So there they were, just as they had left them. xo k

    • I know, it is like why would you keep an old receipt for 200 years? That is taking accounting to a whole other level! But , of course, I am so happy that there are pack rats out there. I just nabbed a GORGEOUS stash of papers from France, I think the guy was cleaning out the attic, because they all had is family name on them and the dated from 1795! Bills of sale and wills mostly but they are soooo BEAutiFUL. I posted on the Instagram, last week. My mother, bless, would so have called it THE instagram, if she was still among us. Have fun with Alys.

      • !! zing ! you are the queen of the treasure luck. 1795? That’s amazing. Just hanging in the attic? Who even has an attic these days? LOL Well little missy, you will be having fun with all of that. Just days now before Alys arrives. I’m squeezing in a few house projects before hand. Company sure helps you get to ‘the list’ , LOL x K

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